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3 star Skytrax Rating
Seat Legroom N/A
Seat Recline N/A
Seat Width N/A
Aisle Space N/A
Viewing TV N/A
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3 star Skytrax Rating
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"seat is quite comfortable"


Verified Review | My seat was at 4F. The seat is quite comfortable. Seat recline is decent for a low fare airline. Seat width is about 17.5 inch, usually for major carriers, it's 18 inch but it's good enough for me. Legroom is also good. Stowage is very small because you only have the seat pocket in front of you to store small items, but it's okay for a low fare airline. But overall, a great seat for a short haul flight!
Aircraft TypeA320-214
Seat Layout3x3
Date FlownDecember 2016
Cabin FlownEconomy Class
Type Of TravellerFamily Leisure
Seat Legroom 12345
Seat Recline 12345
Seat Width 12345
Aisle Space 12345
Seat Storage 12345