Seoul Incheon Airport 5-Star Airport Rating


This 5-Star Airport Rating recognises the superior Quality of Customer Experience that Seoul Incheon International Airport provides to travellers. The Airport Rating is based on criteria including process efficiency, terminal comfort and cleanliness, passenger facilities and staff service. Quality ratings assess both official staff (immigration, police, security, customs etc) as well as other general airport staff (shops, restaurants and cafes, help counters etc).

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PendingTerminal summary
PendingTerminal summary
PendingTerminal summary
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Ground Transportation

PendingPublic Transport options
PendingLocation relative to terminal areas
PendingTaxi location / availability
PendingHotel shuttle bus services
PendingCar Rental services

Security Screening

PendingWaiting Times at Security
PendingService Efficiency
PendingStaff Attitude and Courtesy
PendingStaff language skills
PendingFast Track service

Immigration Service

PendingArrivals : waiting times
PendingDepartures : waiting times
PendingFast Track service
PendingStaff Attitude and Courtesy
PendingStaff language skills

Passenger Arrivals

PendingDirection Signage and wayfinding
PendingWalking distances
PendingBaggage delivery times
PendingBaggage hall Facilities
PendingBaggage cart availability
PendingMeet and Greet facilities

Passenger Departures

PendingFlight Information screen visibility
PendingCheck in Location and Signage
PendingQueue Management around Check-in
PendingSeating / wating area around Check-in
PendingSignage to Security / Departures

Transfer Services

PendingDirection Signage to transfer zones
PendingWalking distances to transfer zones
PendingWaiting times at transfer security
PendingSeating area / rest area for transfer customers
PendingEase of Transfer in Airport

Terminal Comfort

PendingSeat availability
PendingPassenger crowding around terminal?s)
PendingTemperature in terminal waiting areas
PendingTerminal ambience, daylight and Decor
PendingCleanliness of public areas
PendingLocation and signage for washrooms
PendingCleanliness of washrooms
PendingDisabled customer washrooms
PendingBaby changing areas

Terminal Facilities

PendingStandard of Flight Information Screens
PendingStandard of Airport PA announcements
PendingCustomer Service / Help counter service
PendingLocation of ATMs
PendingLocation of Bureau de Change
PendingWiFi : ease of access
PendingWiFi : free time allowance
PendingWiFi : speed of service
PendingComputer / Internet facilities
PendingStandard of Childrens Play area
PendingStandard of Quiet / relaxation areas
PendingChoice and standard of Leisure facilities

Shopping Facilities

PendingSelection of shops : before security
PendingSelection of shops : after security
PendingChoice of standard / mainstream brands
PendingChoice of luxury brands
PendingStaff service in shopping outlets

Restaurants, Cafés and Bars

PendingChoice of restaurants : before security
PendingChoice of restaurants : after security
PendingChoice of fast food restaurants
PendingChoice of Cafes and Bars
PendingInternational Brands available
PendingPrices in restaurants, cafes and bars
PendingStaff service in restaurants, cafes and bars