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Skytrax speak out against incorrect and unverified list of World's Worst Airlines

Skytrax respond to inaccurate articles claiming to have created a World's Worst Airline rating based on Skytrax Ratings

In recent weeks, an article was published by a business news website, which claims to list the World's Worst Airlines, and the article goes on to say that it is based upon airline ratings from Skytrax. This used reviews and "extracts" of ratings which were copied and pasted from the Skytrax website, and was published without any knowledge or consent from Skytrax for use of ratings which were misconstrued and misinterpreted in their presentation.

"It seems to be the focus of some media to seek cheap headlines by putting together such lists of the worst, and whilst we cannot control their choice of subject, it is upsetting when such lists are compiled without any contact to Skytrax. Equally concerning is that they seem to seek validity for their own articles by implying this is something that Skytrax both condone and cooperate with," said Edward Plaisted of Skytrax.

"Throughout the last 24 years, Skytrax have never created any bottom end or worst of listing for world airlines or world airports, and this cheap, publicity seeking approach is something we will always oppose. As a professional research organisation, our business model is focussed on delivering clear and transparent quality rating across the air transport industry, and we will not change this by agreeing to any worst-of publications."

"What particularly angers us is that the supposed World's Worst Airline listing contains so many inaccurate assumptions, that their final rating format is ridiculous. This underlines the merits of the quotation that 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. A responsible media would have the business acumen to contact Skytrax and check facts before publishing an article that appears to have only sought a cheap headline, and an article that implied there was a level of cooperation with Skytrax. The extract Airline Ratings we provide online through our website are exactly that - an extract, and certainly not something from which such stupid lists of World's Worst can be compiled," added Plaisted.


All Press enquiries should be directed to:

Mr Peter Miller
E-mail: miller@airlinequality.com


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