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THAI AIRWAYS International has introduced the Thai Contemporary Concept for its new aircraft interior, with new cabin products  (photo shows the newest Boeing 777-300ER)

30th January 2014 - London, UK

The Thai Contemporary Concept is used in the design of new aircraft interiors, for example applying wood materials that are used as slats. Passengers are able to experience a warm and relaxing environment in the cabin. Parts of the cabin area are decorated with silk, “kanok” Thai design, purple seat upholstery in Royal Silk Class. The economy class seat is more colorful, designed with a combination of purple and orange. Passengers are able to experience comfort with more foot space and a seat function control unit designed to be seen from all angles in Royal Silk Class, a larger wash basin and automatic sensor faucet in Royal Silk Class, installation of modern inflight entertainment for movie and music enjoyment that includes Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian movies.

The first aircraft to have the new Thai contemporary concept is THAI’s newest Boeing 777-300ER, delivered on 21 January 2014. The aircraft seats 348 passengers: 42 in Royal Silk Class and 306 in economy class, and will operate routes such as Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo.

Royal Silk Class has 42 seats designed for passenger privacy, with 180 degree recline, 20 inch seat width, each seat is staggered for easy access, with 16 inch IFE screen, new touch screen remote control, Audio Visual OnDemand (AVOD) system with more than 100 movies, 150 documentaries, and 500 CD albums, and 60 games.

Economy Class has 306 seats that are designed for passenger comfort and convenience, 32 inch seat pitch, and 18 inch seat width. All seats are fitted with 10.6 inch IFE screens and AVOD system that offers the same number of audio and video selection as Royal Silk Class.

Passengers will be able to experience the Thai Contemporary Concept on THAI’s new aircraft that are gradually entering the fleet.

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Director Marketing - SKYTRAX
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