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Where in the world will the next 5-Star Airline come from?
Skytrax Certified 5-Star Airlines

With several airlines under analysis for the coveted 5-Star Airline Certification, Skytrax look at distribution of 5-Star Airlines to see if this might change on a geographic basis in the coming months ...

Where in the world will the next 5-Star Airline come from?
September 2013
Skytrax Certified 5-Star Airlines remains a most exclusive club in terms of recognising airlines at the forefront when it comes to delivering some of the highest quality product and service standards to their customers.

The 5-Star Airline group currently has seven airlines that are certified at this top-end quality level, but such is the growing competition and quest amongst airlines to improve their quality standards, that Skytrax now report a further five airlines are under different levels of analysis and consideration for the possibility of receiving the coveted 5-Star Airline title.
With the global distribution of current 5-Star airlines dominated by the Asia region, will we see any new 5-Star airlines coming from a different geographic location?

"It is true to say that amongst the potential airline candidates at September 2013, there are some located in Asia, but we also have possible candidate airlines for this prestigious 5-Star Airline certification under current assessment that are located in the Middle East and in Europe", say Skytrax.
When Skytrax look at any possible upgrading from a 4-Star to 5-Star airline status, they apply the most rigorous and detailed assessment of an airline's standards, based not only on the current quality achievements, but projecting forward over a 2-3 year period to determine. This is to prevent any 'yo-yo' effect, such as promotion to 5-Star Airline status this year, and then demoting maybe 12 months later.
"Every time Skytrax certify an airline into this coveted 5-Star Airline rating category, we are placing a great responsibility on the airline concerned to ensure they can maintain and improve their standards on a continuous basis - in order for that airline to meet the raised expectations of their customers which we find always happens when an airline receives the 5-Star Airline status. Alongside the role that the airline has to play, we also place Skytrax reputation on the line, in as much that customers who may have a below-normal experience on a 5-Star Airline are very vocal and very quick to criticise not only the airline in question, but the Skytrax 5-Star Airline rating assessment."
Across the industry, airlines are well aware of the rigorous analysis, quality procedures and 5-Star Airline requirements that must be met before they can be admitted to the top tier rating status, but of course for a customer that may not receive the reality of their 5-Star Airline expectation on a trip, we are aware that no service provider (such as an airline) is ever going to achieve 100% consistency or perfection. We would challenge any 5-Star hotel worldwide to show that they have never had an unhappy or dissatisfied customer!

While the 5-Star Airline analysis and certification process is under study, Skytrax do not reveal the names of the possible 5-Star airline candidates, although those well versed with the industry often have their own (sometimes accurate) insights into which airlines may be the next successful 5-Star Airline of the world.

Regular updates on airline star rating status are provided through the Skytrax website (www.airlinequality.com), together with the latest ranking news which is included into all announcements by Skytrax on their Facebook page.

Edward Plaisted of Skytrax said: "This exclusive group of 5-Star Airlines started with four carriers many years ago, and currently we have seven 5-Star Airlines, with this number likely to rise in the coming months. It is interesting to note that over recent years Skytrax have actually raised the quality requirements an airline must meet to be certified at a 5-Star Airline rating, and this potential, further expansion of the 5-Star Airline group is testament to how much continuous improvement is being made within the airline industry."

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