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Airline meal standards to be Certified by SKYTRAX in 2012

Airline meal standards to be Certified by SKYTRAX

Meal standards on your next flight are set to come under even greater scrutiny as Skytrax introduce Star Dining Certification.

SKYTRAX have announced that Onboard Catering quality levels will be awarded a new Star Dining Certification from 2012.

Airline meals often get negative feedback and rating from customers, and whilst in some instances the critique may be justified, there are in contrast many airlines that go to considerable lengths to make the onboard dining experience as pleasant as possible. Our Star Dining Certification is based upon giving the due and often very worthy recognition to efforts being made by these airlines  said Edward Plaisted of SKYTRAX.

The Star Dining Certification is not limited to caviar and champagne at the front end of the plane, but covers all travel types. From buy- onboard standards through to 8-course First Class dinners on intercontinental flights, Star Dining Certification recognises Best Practice standards for every passenger and meal type being served.

This is not about inspecting airline kitchens to see meals being prepared, but realities of food flavour, freshness and quality at the point of service to customers onboard a flight. This enables us to quantify cabin staff galley skills as well as meal ingredients. By setting the highest targets for Five Star Dining Certification, we hope to help raise the Quality Benchmark for airlines across the globe. Onboard dining evaluation is not just about international foods, but applies careful and objective analysis across all regional cuisine added Plaisted.

Wines and other beverages do not escape the rigorous testing by SKYTRAX experts, and form an integral element of Star Dining Certification. This is again an aspect where SKYTRAX carefully apply qualitative measures for each cabin of travel, to assess the delivered standards - be it a vintage wine or quality of tea and coffee being served.

Star Dining Certification does not replace the Airline Star Ranking programme operated by SKYTRAX (where catering standards remain an integral part), but offers a deeper and more concentrated assessment of the onboard dining experience.

A dedicated website for Star Dining Certification goes online shortly, providing a comprehensive guide and reference tool for airlines and customers alike.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Peter Miller
Director Marketing - SKYTRAX
Email :  miller@airlinequality.com




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