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TAAG Angola Airlines achieves a 3-Star Airline rating

TAAG ANGOLA AIRLINES is upgraded to 3-Star Airline Rating category

Cabin interior of First Class on TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
TAAG Angola Airlines embarked on an intensive turnaround in the least 5 years with product and service quality levels improving significantly in this time, as demonstrated in the latest Skytrax Audit results.

After the most recent auditing of TAAG Angola Airlines product and service standards, Skytrax have confirmed that TAAG Angola Airlines is now achieving the 3-Star Airline rating, and the 3-Star Airline Certification is being awarded to the airline. Skytrax also noted that some aspects of the TAAG onboard product are competing at a 4-star level.

All TAAG Angola Airlines widebody aircraft now offer seatback on-demand entertainment and the product specification across First Class, Business Class and Economy Class means that TAAG is now performing at a competitive International standard. This level of competitiveness is related not only to other airlines in Africa, but also to some of the more established legacy airlines in Europe and North America.

TAAG Angola Airlines say that further product and service quality upgrading will be realised from 2014, which will add further improvement to the passenger experience.

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