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Hainan Airlines becomes the first Chinese 5-Star Airline

LONDON, UK - 20th January 2011

SKYTRAX confirmed that Hainan Airlines has been Certified as a world 5-Star Airline for the 2011 ranking period.

Hainan Airlines received affirmation of its continued commitment to service excellence when the 5-Star ranking for the year 2011 was confirmed by Skytrax at an awards ceremony held in Beijing on 10th January 2011.

Edward Plaisted of SKYTRAX (right) presented the 5-Star Airline award to Mr Wang Yingming, President of Hainan Airlines (centre) at the ceremony held in Beijing on 10th January 2011


Founded in 1993, Hainan Airlines is the fourth-largest airline in China and the largest private carrier. Hainan Airlines is known for its award-winning customer service, impeccable safety record and on-time performance

Hainan Airlines has a fleet of A340, A330, A320, Boeing 767 and Boeing 737 aircraft, and is a launch customer for the Boeing 787. Hainan Airlines fly to more than 90 destinations, including every Chinese province, with international flights to Seattle, Toronto, Brussels, Budapest, Berlin, Luanda, Khartoum, Cairo, Dubai, Astana, Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Taipei, Seoul, Hanoi, Moscow and four other cities in Russia. Further routes to Europe are expected in 2011.

Commenting on the decision to award the 5-Star ranking to Hainan Airlines, Mr Edward Plaisted, CEO Skytrax, stated "Hainan Airlines now deliver a top quality of product to customers both on the ground and onboard flights, but the stand-out feature that clinched their 5-Star status is the exceptionally high quality of staff service. Aside from the general expectations of efficiency, Hainan Airlines staff deliver a truly friendly and hospitable style of service, and this is being provided on a very consistent basis. Their staff language and communication skills are the best amongst Chinese airlines, and now compare favourably against the best airlines in Asia."

"In recent years we have witnessed a real desire amongst airlines in China to match their counterparts in Asia and around the world, and with Hainan Airlines we are now seeing an airline that has managed to deliver at a world-class level. The airline industry in China is not what it was 10 years ago, and it is heartening to see Hainan Airlines creating a whole new standard of service hospitality and service consistency. To many outside China, it is probably an airline they have not heard of, and I would recommend this as your future choice to experience the best of Chinese hospitality."

5-Star Ranking is the 'ultimate' ranking awarded to airlines achieving the highest Quality performance. This Ranking is assessed by Skytrax after detailed Product and Service standards analysis, and is not connected in any way to customer ratings shown in travel forums. A 5-Star ranking recognizes the highest standard of Product across the different quality assessment categories, and consistently high standards of Staff Service delivery in Onboard and Airport environments.

For information and further media products, please contact:

Mr Peter Miller
Director Marketing - SKYTRAX
Email: miller@airlinequality.com




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