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The world’s first Google "Street View" of an Airbus A380

Take a Street View of the A380

Take a virtual journey with the world’s first "Street View" of an Airbus A380

Emirates this month marks the fifth anniversary of the double decker A380 aircraft joining its fleet, having carried more than 18 million passengers in this 5 year period.

Coinciding with the 5th anniversary milestone, Emirates has partnered with Google to launch the world’s first "Street View" of an A380, the world’s largest commercial jet aircraft.

You can now explore online the Emirates A380’s luxurious First Class Private Suites, expansive Business Class cabin, Onboard Lounges, Shower Spas, cockpit and more on Street View.

You can take a stunning, 360-degree virtual journey of the iconic double-decker by CLICKING HERE


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