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China Southern Airlines quality ranking is upgraded to become a 4-Star Airline

China Southern Airlines achieves 4-Star rating

LONDON, UK - 25th January 2011

SKYTRAX today announced that China Southern Airlines quality rating has been upgraded, with the carrier being ranked as a world 4-Star Airline for the 2011 ranking period.

China Southern Airlines becomes only the second airline in mainland China to achieve the 4-Star Airline status,

China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is awaiting delivery of Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 aircraft


Talking about the award of the 4-Star Airline ranking to China Southern Airlines, Edward Plaisted (CEO of Skytrax) said ...

"We have been monitoring the changes and general improvement to the China Southern Airlines product and service standards for some time, and during this last quarter they have demonstrated themselves a worthy recipient for the 4-Star Airline status. The launch of new product quality standards for long haul international routes operated by A330 aircraft was a catalyst behind the upgrading of their Star Ranking, and this is something I understand many more China Southern Airlines passengers can look forward to over the coming 2 months. The airline industry in China has moved ahead faster during the past 5-6 years than anywhere else in the world, and this change has not just been a case of new aircraft offering more competitive product. What we have seen is a dramatic improvement in service quality, and a genuine desire by China Southern Airlines to provide a quality of service that can be classified as world-class."

China Southern Airlines fleet is comprised of 342 aircraft, including Boeing 777/757/737 and Airbus A330/321/320/319 and 300 aircraft serving destinations in 162 countries.

China Southern Airlines main hubs are Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport. The airline provides services to 65 international destinations.

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