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MIAT MONGOLIAN AIRLINES is awarded Skytrax 3-Star Airline certification

MIAT MONGOLIAN AIRLINES is awarded Skytrax 3-Star Airline certification

MIAT MONGOLIAN AIRLINES is awarded Skytrax 3-Star Airline certification

Opening the first of the 2013 Airline Star Ranking changes, Skytrax have announced that MIAT MONGOLIAN AIRLINES has been awarded the 3-Star Airline certification. MIAT Mongolian Airlines was previously ranked as a 2-Star Airline, but the recent level of Product and Service improvements have enabled their Star Ranking to be awarded at a 3-Star Airline level.

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Commenting on the 3-Star Airline Certification for MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Edward Plaisted of Skytrax said: "We are pleased to recognise the ever-improving standards of this small airline, which is now meeting a 3-Star Airline rating level. We found across all of the recent Audit analysis that MIAT has some real strengths in the staff service delivery areas, and it was aspects of somewhat outdated product that prevented a higher achievement being recorded. This airline is also impacted by an old-style home base facility at Ulaanbaatar Airport, which I understand is another area which will improve in the future."

MIAT Mongolian Airlines operates international scheduled services from its base at Chinggis Khaan International Airport, Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The route network includes routes from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin and Moscow. The present fleet of aircraft includes Boeing 737-800 and leased Boeing 767-300ER.

Product standards for will improve further in 2013, when MIAT Mongolian Airlines receives it's first direct-from-factory Boeing 767-300ER. This aircraft will offer 25 flat-bed seats in Business class, and an Economy class seat pitch of 31-32 inches.  Offering full AVOD entertainment system and PTV screens for all passengers will enhance the MIAT inflight product standards. Other changes and introductions by the airline during 2013 will include revised onboard catering, new amenity kits, and associated comfort items such as pillows and blankets.


New Product standards for MIAT Mongolian Airlines on their new Boeing 767-300ER

SKYTRAX World Airline Star Ranking

The world-renowned Skytrax Airline Star Ranking programme covers all types and sizes of airline across the globe, with  another 36 airlines due to be certified and admitted to the programme during 2013.  Each airline's Star Rating is based upon detailed Quality analysis across more than 800 different areas of product and service delivery items.

The Airline Star Ranking programme operates a continuous policy of internal review within Skytrax, and further details of planned changes and potential Star Ranking upgrade items will be published again during January 2013.



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