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Air Canada quality improvement is recognised with 4-Star Airline ranking

Air Canada global Star Ranking is upgraded to a 4-Star Airline status

23rd January 2013 - London, UK

In the latest Skytrax Star Ranking review, Air Canada Quality Rating has been upgraded and the airline awarded a 4-Star Ranking for it's Airport and Onboard product and service standards.

  Air Canada 4-Star Airline Ranking details

Skytrax stated that detailed analysis of various improvements to the Air Canada product and service delivery standards during the last year have now brought the Air Canada quality levels up to the 4-Star Airline ranking.

"I am very pleased that Air Canada has become the only international network carrier to have achieved this significant industry benchmark," said Calin Rovinescu, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This coveted Four-Star ranking reflects the professionalism and skill of Air Canada’s employees in taking care of our customers and delivering an award winning product that continues to set industry standards. This is a proud achievement for Air Canada’s airport and onboard product and service delivery teams that we will strive to improve upon as we continue to build one of the world’s best airlines."

"The consistency of an airline's product standards is crucial to meeting the 4-Star Airline ranking, and we now see Air Canada performing well across most of the key, product component areas. We accept for example that on regional, short haul flights they do not offer complimentary meals to passengers, but a critical factor is to to compare standards against each airline's competitive market, and to evaluate the pricing and standards of the buy-onboard options (an area Air Canada performs well in)", said Edward Plaisted of Skytrax. "With any Star Ranking upgrades, we put a lot of trust in an airline to maintain and develop quality levels, and we look forward to seeing continued improvement with Air Canada."


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