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Spirit Airlines is downgraded to 2-Star Airline status in latest Ranking Review

Spirit Airlines is downgraded to 2-Star Airline status following latest Skytrax Ranking review

London, UK - 2nd January 2013


After the most recent 12-week detailed assessment of Spirit Airlines, Skytrax have announced that the Star Ranking level for Spirit Airlines has been downgraded from a previous 3-Star Airline status to a 2-Star Airline ranking for 2013.

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Skytrax stated that during the 3 month study of Spirit Airlines they found a general deterioration of service quality levels in particular, which led to the final decision to downgrade the Star Ranking.

"We do not allow our analysis or assessment to be impacted by customer feedback, which has been very negative for Spirit Airlines through much of last year, but when there is such a trend we do bring forward inspections to have confidence that we have the correct Quality ratings. As a result of these inspections, we found that standards were not delivering to the previous 3-Star ranking level that was awarded to Spirit Airlines," said a spokesman.

The focus of the Skytrax Airline Star Ranking is front-line product and service quality, and is adjusted to assess the market in which an airline operates. As a low-cost airline, Spirit Airlines is based on a no-frills, pay for all extras approach, and from a Star Ranking perspective the Skytrax priority is on measuring how well an airline delivers upon it's promise to customers. Edward Plaisted of Skytrax added: "A low-cost airline cannot be expected to deliver legacy carrier product standards, but we do expect service quality levels to meet a core set of rating criteria whether low-cost or full-service airline. This was an area of weakness in our recent analysis for Spirit Airlines."

SKYTRAX World Airline Star Ranking

The world-renowned Skytrax Airline Star Ranking programme covers all types and sizes of airline across the globe, with  another 36 airlines due to be certified and admitted to the programme during 2013.  Each airline's Star Rating is based upon detailed Quality analysis across all areas of front-line product and service delivery items.

The Airline Star Ranking programme operates a continuous policy of internal review within Skytrax, and further details of planned changes and potential Star Ranking upgrade items will be published again during January 2013.

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