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LUFTHANSA has the world's BEST airline bedding in First Class!

LUFTHANSA has the world's Best First Class duvet and bedding comfort

After a year in which Skytrax staff have taken more than 5,500 flights assessing all cabin classes on over 130 airlines, the most comfortable airline bedding has been chosen in an informal poll of our audit staff.


The First Class bedding on Lufthansa's A380 is quite simply the very best! A soft, cotton sheet covered mattress softener, a very large, lightweight and extremely comfortable duvet are set off with a fantastic pillow. Other airline standards might be good, but this is one area where Lufthansa excels.

"Our detailed product assessments throw up a number of 'Best in Class' product items, many of which might seem unimportant to a customer, but when assessed on a global network basis can be very important to an airline. From the size of type of a paper napkin, a font used in the graphic user interface of an IFE screen through of course to the quality of top-end products at the front of the plane" said Edward Plaisted of Skytrax.

"In this case, it was the quality of First Class bedding under the microscope, and this is where Lufthansa was named as World's Best in our in-house assessment and poll. The quality of cotton duvet cover, the length and width of the duvet and pillow standards all combine to provide what we nominate as the Best First Class Airline Bedding" added Plaisted.

1st January 2013

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