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Background information

"It is my pleasure to introduce our company and the services that Skytrax provide to the world airline and world airport industry. As we approach the 25 year anniversary of Skytrax in 2014, we look back with pride over our achievements through some turbulent times in the industry, but more particularly we look ahead with excitement in our quest to create change and improvement across the air travel customer experience."

Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax

Professional Services
Established in 1989, Skytrax is a privately owned company based in London, UK.  Quality Improvement Advisors to the air transport industry, Skytrax provide Product and Service Quality consultancy studies to airlines, airline alliances and airports across the globe. This is an area where Skytrax have unrivalled experience and knowledge of this specialist market, having worked with over 238 airlines and 168 airports on all types of Quality Development projects.

The concept of Professional air transport research by air transport Professionals is a policy that has enabled Skytrax to provide the highest standard of airline and airport advisory services on a consistent basis for the last 24 years.

Skytrax Quality Improvement and Benchmarking projects are used worldwide across the airline and airport industry, with these Quality Audit studies used as key tools for professional assessment, development and improvement of front-line Product and Service standards. Skytrax have a long established and proven track record for assisting airlines and airports in their quest to improve standards and to both develop and strengthen areas of competitive advantage.

Airline Rating
Skytrax Airline Rating is recognised worldwide as a professional, unified quality classification and rating system for airlines, and an airline industry benchmark for Excellence. Skytrax deliver a unique rating system that has been achieved through many years of professional experience and a most intricate knowledge of the world airline industry.

The World Airline Star Rating system was introduced in 1999 by Skytrax, and classifies airlines by the Quality of their front-line product and staff service standards.

Skytrax Awards
Skytrax is well-known across the globe for it’s annual passenger Surveys, and the renowned World Airline Awards and World Airport Awards. These awards are based on the largest air travel customer surveys, with results respected and used by the air transport industry, media and customers alike. The Surveys provide independent, global studies that guarantee no hidden agenda (no sponsorship, no advertising, no profit).

Website Operations
Skytrax operate the Airline and Airport review site (www.airlinequality.com), featuring customer reviews, opinions and ratings for over airlines and airports worldwide.  In addition to customer trip reports and ratings, the site includes sections for Airline Lounge reviews, Economy Class seat reviews, plus an A-Z listing of links to airline cabin seat maps.

The Airline Rating section is one of the most popular site sections, featuring user-friendly extracts to illustrate airline star ratings for different product and service areas, across both the airport and onboard experience.

The Airline Awards website (www.worldairlineawards.com) remains one of our most popular platforms. Listing annual Survey and Award results and ratings, the site acts as a reference point for both the airline industry and media sources worldwide, together with offering customers a user friendly airline comparison layout.

The World Airport Awards website (www.worldairportawards.com) is another very popular website, which lists the World Airport Survey and Award results and ratings for airports around the world..

Skytrax operate the customer review site for Premium airline seats (www.flatseats.com). Featuring passenger Reviews for first class and business class seats across more than 85 airlines, the website features Skytrax Seat Comfort Rating, Cabin Seat Maps, Tried and Tested Seat Reviews, together with seat type information.



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