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Complaining about unposted reviews on the Skytrax website


We receive complaints and feedback from site users that their review has not been posted online, and whilst we try to respond to individual enquiries, it is important to outline some key reasons why your review and feedback might not have been used.

  Your comments have not been posted online?

  Your review has been edited or abbreviated?

  You do not want comments published elsewhere?


Complaints about reviews not posted online

Every day Skytrax receives hundreds of reviews, comments and general feedback about airlines and airports, with the majority being posted online in the appropriate section.

However, there are many that do not get used and cannot be posted, and this is normally based on one of the factors listed below:

ISP checks for every item of feedback identifies the user's location, and where this clearly does not match with the user statements, Skytrax will not use such feedback.

ISP checks will similarly identify comments and reviews being submitted by airline or airport employees, purporting to be sent from an independent viewpoint. Skytrax will not publish such comments.

Comments and reviews that are known to be factually inaccurate will not be published. This covers many areas where Skytrax have full knowledge of an airline or airport product, but where a user is claiming something totally different. This can cover areas such as seat comfort - where a user states that the seat pitch on Airline X is much smaller/worse than Airline Y, and we know that this is not the true situation, Skytrax will not publish comments that will seek to mislead other users.

No name supplied. One of the most common reasons for review exclusion is that the user does not include their name with the feedback. We state on every feedback page that this is a requirement for publication, and yet more than 70 per cent of rejected comments are situations where just an initial or nickname is used, and Skytrax cannot publish in these instances.

Comments that are clearly being used by users to defame individual staff members of an airline or airport will not be published.

Where a user is publishing a review that seems likely to form part of a potential compensation claim against an airline or airport, Skytrax will not publish.

Reviews that do not follow the "typical" written format in terms of spelling, punctuation, capitalisation etc will not be published by Skytrax . Whilst our Web Office will carry out some basic preparation editing to make comments suitable for publishing, if a user's feedback requires extensive editing or correction, it will not be used. Reviews that are too long for inclusion on the Forum pages (following patterns of all previous reviews) cannot normally be published in full and may be deleted or abbreviated. We try to present a clear and easy to use page format for reviews, and users normally respect this when sending in their comments.

If you still believe that your comments failed to get published, and none of the above reasons applied, please contact us again, using our Feedback Page


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