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Lounge Comfort 12345
Catering 12345
Washrooms/Showers N/A
Internet/Wifi 12345
Staff Service 12345
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"comfortable sofas and easy chairs"

(United Kingdom)

Large lounge considering the size and throughput of the airport - Druk Air only has two A319 Airbus and no-one else flies there. Comfortable sofas and easy chairs. Reasonable selection of drinks (although the fridge was not connected) - only a tin of biscuits for snacks. Washroom facilities other side of security so you have to go through but they let you back when you show your Boarding Card!
Lounge NameRoyal Executive Lounge
Comfort 12345
Cleanliness 12345
Bar & Beverages 12345
Catering 12345
Wifi Connectivity 12345
Staff Service 12345