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Myrtle Beach Airport customer review

(United States)

So upon the approach of my gate for my first departure, (5 minutes after boarding time), none of the flight details in the entire airport had been updated to inform me that my flight was delayed. This is Spirit Airlines that I'm referring to. My flight had been delayed over 2 hours due to the lack of crew. I know this is a small airport, but it is not hard to update your information in the airport, the terminal, the gate, or online in order to inform your passengers before potentially going through security. On top of all of the inconvenient change of plans, the lady at my gate attempting to inform us of all that changed was quite possibly the most incoherent person I spoke to on my 4 day stay here in South Carolina. I will never connect here or fly Spirit again. The only bit of accommodations or considerations I received was a free upgrade to vacant exit row seats. I didn't receive a voucher for breakfast, no help trying to find another airline that could get me there sooner, or a voucher for a future flight for satisfaction. Had it not have been for the pilots coaxing all of us passengers and explaining what she apparently was incapable of, there would have been an outrage in Gate A.
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