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Douala Airport customer review

Review by 28th December 2008

I flew into Douala on Swiss and departed on Virgin Nigeria. Both experiences were quite pleasant. I had only hand luggage and was in and out of the airport quite quickly. When departing we waited at the gate which was quite calm and cool. Yes its a bit manic as you walk out of the airport with people and noise everywhere but lots of places are like that. If you know where you are going or have someone to meet you its fine.

Douala Airport customer review

Review by 15th January 2008

Not much has changed in this airport built a 30+ years ago. The outside is decrepit. Security is virtually non existent. Touts were able to penetrate the immigration arrival area where apparently for a fee they assist arriving passengers with the immigration forms. I witnessed this with a group of Chinese arrivals. More touts swarm you in the baggage arrival area where you are also hustled to part with cash in order that they may assist you through customs. Everybodys luggage is supposed to be searched before exit but I think this is more of a money grab. The whole experience can be very unsettling to the western traveller. Exit was not much better. The airport staff often try to extort money for hand luggage with limits set at 7kg. A small bribe will get you past this nuisance. I forgot to pay airport tax before getting to the immigration counter so the immigration officer graciously offered to collect it for me. From my hands it went straight to her left pocket! Duty free is rather limited. A few arts and crafts stands some selling local music cds/ dvds local tea coffee and some snacks. An airport to avoid even by African standards. Security screening is performed by the airlines themselves. The only place where I was not hassled by money was in the toilet. No way I can foresee the FAA approving direct flights to the US from this airport.