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Calcutta Airport has come up to speed in the recent years and it's about time too! I only used to fly into CCU because it was the closest International Airport to Orissa and cut my journey time by a day. However it was always a tiring and bothersome task fighting my way through the immigration and baggage handling policies they seemed to practice - slow slower and at one stage stop! Flying in wasn't too bad - on a good day I could be off the plane and in a taxi within the hour (depending on the carrier). However departing from CCU was a chore - Immigration then check your baggage tags to bags then Passport Control then a small tussle with Security and Baggage Check then finally the (what seemed like a mile) hike to the plane! However those days are gone if you fly in with BA - they insisted on a proper Gate being constructed and it is now up and running! Much to my delight it's just a hop and a skip to the plane and then you're on your way. Yes you still have to grapple with Security and Passport Control but the last three times I have flown into/out of CCU I have been spared the ordeal of searching for my bags and tallying them up with my ticket tags.