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"renowned for cancelling flights"

(United Kingdom)

Verified Review | Douala to Maroua. The most unpleasant flying experience of my life. The first question you have to ask with this alrline - the national airline of Cameroon, is "will the flight actually happen"? Outwards things were not too bad. The return was another matter. The flight from Maroua to Douala was cancelled as the scheduled 737 was out of action. A 757 was scheduled for the next day, but it meant travelling to another airport three hours away by coach as the runway at Maroua is too short for a 757. The coach left Maroua at 05.00 for a flight from Garoua at around midday. On arriving at Garoua we were told the flight would now be at 16.00, maybe. The plane actually arrived around 18.00 and we took off around 19.00. There was absolute chaos on boarding, and I had to physically fight to get on the plane - a very frightening experience. After an unscheduled stop at Yaoundé for a hour we eventually arrived at Douala around 23.00. The only positive was that the Cabin crew were charming and helpful under stress. Camair-Co are renowned for cancelling flights with no explanation.
AircraftBoeing 737
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Cabin FlownEconomy Class
RouteDLA to MVR
Date FlownNovember 2016
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Food & Beverages 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345