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World Airline Star Rating criteria


World Airline Rating is divided across 5 categories - from top level 5-Star through to 1-Star Airlines.

  What is evaluated in the Rating of Airport / Ground service?
  Over 800 features of product facility and staff service are ranked across the ground/airport and cabin service environments, covering categories listed below. Airport rating is based on an airline's "home-base" airport.

Airline Website
Airport Ticket Counters
Check In - self-serve & staffed counters
Airline Lounges - First Class/Business Class/FFP lounges
Arrival Lounges
Boarding services
Transfer services
Arrival services
Delay / incident handling

Cabin Seating
Cabin Safety Procedures
Cabin Cleanliness
Cabin Comfort Amenities
Cabin Announcements
Onboard Catering
Duty Free Service
Newspapers & Magazines
Airline Magazine
Inflight Entertainment
Cabin Staff Service

  Determining "relative" importance applied between Category ratings
  The weighting of product and service items is applied to emphasise the "relative importance" and contribution of some aspects. This is varied between airline types, and recognises that importance scales need to be adjusted if an equitable rating system is to be guaranteed. For example, Cabin seating assumes a lower rating importance when evaluating an airline that only operates short haul (2-3 hours) routes, versus an airline flying long (and ultra-long) haul, intercontinental routes where seat comfort is of high importance.
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  Do Skytrax award a "Star" for each Product or Service item?
No. With the very extensive Star Rating criteria that we assess for each airline, such a concept of a 'star per item' would not be practical. We also consider that using such a ranking process would be a very amateur approach to a subject that requires a professional rating format.

  Is the Rating Programme led by the airline industry ?
  No. To have an industry-led Quality Rating programme would not deliver the strict standard of rating Independence that is critical if final airline ratings are to have true credibility.

Skytrax introduced the Airline Star Rating programme in the late 1990's after detailed consultation with the airline industry, with the strict proviso that all aspects of inspection, audit, evaluation and final rating remain totally Independent of any airline influence, control or direction. World Airline Star Rating is operated and managed under the professional control of Skytrax, guaranteeing an objective and transparent process.


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