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5 Star Airline Rating
Skytrax Airline Rating 2013 5.0 Star Rating: Excellent


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The Official Skytrax Airline Star Rating system provides the Global quality monitor for airline front-line service standards.

Skytrax apply the most accurate Quality Rating system in this specialist sector of air travel performance evaluation. 

Star Ratings are recognised as the global mark of Quality Approval for an airline's Product & front-line Staff Service standards.

Airline Star Rating measures quality in a band from 1 Star to 5 Star levels.

What is assessed in a Star Rating

Airline Star Rating is a Quality rating of "front-line" airport and onboard Product & Service Standards - it is NOT a rating of other commercial factors (eg schedules, fares, frequent flyer benefits). 

Additional to the "pure" analysis of product and service delivery standards, the Star Rating also seek to reflect the levels of consistency applied by each airline.

For a more detailed Quality Analysis format, showing what is assessed in a Star Rating review, airlines may apply using the link below:

   Rating Audit Information

What does each Star Grade represent ?

The Star Rating Programme assesses both Product and Service Quality for the world airline industry - and Awards rating grades based on a combination of both categories.

Star Rating details are explained more fully at:    Rating Page

Where can I see an airline's Star Rating ?

For airline rating pages, use:       A-Z Airline Index




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