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Find the best airline seat for your next flight with Air Transat. All recommendations and suggestions are provided by your fellow passengers (not the airline!) .... so hopefully you will be able to benefit from their recent air travel experiences with Air Transat.

AIR TRANSAT Passenger Seat Tip  : 9th November 2008

Economy Class: Airbus A310

The seats in twos at the rear of the aircraft are the more comfortable in economy.

AIR TRANSAT Passenger Seat Tip  : 6th November 2008

Economy Class: Airbus A310

Seat numbers 4A, B, C and 4H, 4J, 4K on the Airbus 310 I travelled on are immediately behind the business class and have considerably more leg room , probably about 12 inches between my knees and the seat in front! Great for the long of leg.

AIR TRANSAT Passenger Seat Tip   : 11th August 2007

Economy Class

If you can choose your seats, recommend any seats from 25A/B to 30A/B or 25J/K to 30J/K. As the aircraft narrows, it goes from 3 to 2 so the seats are bigger - and you are close to the toilets - 4 of the 5 economy toilets are at this area.


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