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Use this section to find the best airline seat for your next flight with Silverjet. All recommendations and suggestions are provided by your fellow passengers (not the airline!) .... so hopefully you will be able to benefit from their recent air travel experiences with Silverjet.

Silverjet Passenger Seat Tip - 29th November 2007

BOEING 767 - Business Class

Try to avoid the window seats in rows 5 through to 8, as the windows are poorly positioned and are some distance in front of the seat, giving a limited view.

Silverjet Passenger Seat Tip - 28th November 2007

BOEING 767 - Business Class

If you're travelling with someone, pick the middle row. If you pick a window row, the person nearest the window will find it difficult to get out when both seats are flat out. Seats are very comfy.

Silverjet Passenger Seat Tip - 12th November 2007

BOEING 767 - Business Class

If you are taller than 5'9" avoid row 9. this is a bulkhead and technically there should be more legroom. however the seat is an angled lie flat and annoyingly the leg rest does not extend enough so you will either be sliding down or your knees will be bent. Also i found that 9D a window seat is over the wing and uncomfortably noisy. go for middle column aisle towards rear of cabin.


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