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Use this section to find the best airline seat for your next flight with Northwest Airlines. All recommendations and suggestions are provided by your fellow passengers (not the airline!) .... so hopefully you will be able to benefit from their recent air travel experiences with Northwest Airlines.

Northwest Airlines Passenger Seat Tip : 1st November 2007

Boeing 747 : Economy Class

For those prefer nothing in front of them in economy cabin, rows 35 and 51 (exit rows) are ideal. There are additional two seats (21C & 21H) that are similarly good, but 21A, B, J & K are not recommended. The wall of bathroom unit is in front of these seats and leg room is quite limited. Smell of disinfectant may bothering to a sensitive nose in Row 21, too.

Northwest Airlines Passenger Seat Tip

Boeing 747 : Business Class

73A and B without question. These are upper deck with more leg room and privacy than anywhere else on the plane. It's almost like a private stateroom. The only space in front of you is the crew rest cabin and its about two rows worth of space to there.


Northwest Airlines Passenger Seat Tip

A319 / A320 : Economy Class

Row 5 offers the most legroom in the coach cabin. This is a bulkhead seat, but instead of a wall there is a curtain separating the first class cabin. In this row, one is able to stretch their feet into first class under the curtain.

Northwest Airlines Passenger Seat Tip

Boeing 747-200

Since last year, when they re-configured their World Business Class (and did away with First Class) the older 742's still have 12 First Class seats intact on the upper deck. You get significantly more legroom and seat recline than even the standard business class. This is not available on the newer 747-400's. For travel to Asia, I believe that 742 service is only available on SEA-NRT, SFO-NRT, and LAX-NRT.


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