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Emirates Passenger Seat choices and Emirates Seat Recommendations

We help you find the best airline seat for your next trip. All airline seat recommendations are provided by fellow passengers (not airlines!) ... hopefully you will be able to benefit from their recent air travel experiences and find the Best airline seat position.

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Find the best airline seat for your next flight with Emirates. All recommendations and suggestions are provided by your fellow passengers (not the airline!) .... so hopefully you will be able to benefit from their recent air travel experiences with Emirates.


Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 21st May 2011

Economy Class : A380

Avoid sitting at the front of the block, as the armrests don't move and the TV screens come out of the armrest so you have to look down at it. I gave up watching it, it was hurting my neck too much. You get lots of legroom and seats are wide and comfortable.


Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 7th September 2010

Business Class : A330-200

Avoid Seat 8A on Business from Dubai to NYC. The seat is very comfortable and you get loads of privacy; but, the television is up on the wall of the bulkhead and the picture is impossible to see at any angle. Tried adjusting brightness on the hand held controller and nothing worked. The angle of the screen is very bad for viewing at any position of the seat and believe me, I tried them all.


Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 3rd August 2010

Economy Class : Airbus A380

At first glance the exit rows look tempting but next to the bulkhead and non reclinable seats you might reconsider this seat. On the flight from DUB-SYD there were 15 (!) crying babies next to our emergency exit seat in the bulkhead section.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 2nd August 2010

Economy Class : Boeing 777-300

Sat in Seat 21K SFO-DBX-SFO and it was awful. You can follow each traveller's bathroom experiences, thanks to the thin walls. The seats do not recline as much as the people in front of you, which means the irritation level on a 16 hour flight might come to a head. Also, poor cabin service. First to get fed, last to be cleared (over 2 hours waiting for tray to be removed) and not once did the staff come when an alert button was sounded.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 7th February 2010

Business Class : Airbus A380

Having travelled on the Dubai to Sydney leg on the A380 do not reserve seat 9E, I did on both legs, they were different A380's but the seat would not do as described, would not recline , had to be reset manually, had been like this for at least 6months, Emirates deny any fault had been reported, deny that they have ever had a problem and are trying to tell me to go away and not bother them. The staff were most helpful on the outward leg but the heavy mob arrived when I complained on boarding in Sydney, even suggesting that I leave the plane! I have flown with them many times but would be reluctant to do so again as lightning might just strike three times.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 19th October 2009

Economy Class : B777-300 (2 class cabin layout)

Avoid 7C and 7H at all costs! The seats are directly in line with the passage through the aircraft. 'Everyone', especially including the food carts, bumps into you or the seat when coming through the curtains.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 11th October 2009

Economy Class : A340-500

16B is spacious. It's the first row right after the business class cabin and offers around 2.5 windows' spaces while other economy seats on the same aircraft type occupy around 1.5 window's spaces only.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 19th January 2009

Business Class : A380-800

Avoid row 6 and 23 due to less legroom and weird seats. Seat 6A has a big cupboard next to it which makes it slightly smaller and harder to access the aisle.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 18th October 2007

Business Class : Boeing 777-300

AVOID row 8 (front row of second J class cabin)! This row is last to be served: post take of drink on LHR-DXB sector took 1 hour 15 mins; dinner service 1 hour 40 minutes.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip : 4th April 2007

First Class : Airbus A340-500

If travelling together select seats 2E,2F. This is the middle row of 3 rows (seat layout 1-2-2). Row 1 gets the brunt of the traffic to the toilets and lights/clatter of the kitchen. Row 3 is against the cabin wall, just in front of business. However, when the suite doors are closed, you will not know what the other pax are doing.


Emirates Passenger Seat Tip

Business Class : Airbus A340-500

Pick an E or F seat if travelling alone, so that if the person next to needs to get out of the seat they want disturb you (and vice versa)

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip

Business Class : Airbus A340-500

The best seat rows are 10 and 11. They are in the middle of the main Business cabin, meaning food is served promptly and there is limited noise from Economy and the Galley in front of row 8.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip

Economy Class : Boeing 777-200/300

As bulkhead seats and exit-rows are usually prebooked by EK frequent flyers and middle rows at bulkheads reserved for pax with infants (due to baby-bassinets) there is another solution for tall pax on the 777's. The config is 3-4-3 but 'jumps' to 2-4-2 towards the back of the tail part of the plane. The window seats especially (the sets of 2, not the middle row!) at the first row of 2-4-2 are angled from the row in front and provide loads of extra leg space. The seat numbers are for the 777-200 : 37A and 37K. The seat numbers are for the 777-300: 46A and 46K. Check-in staff does not know this and therefore these seats are not categorized as extra-spacious but trust me.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip

First Class : Boeing 777-300/200

Avoid row 1. If you are more that 1.7meters tall you cannot even stretch your legs out fully because of the bulkhead.

Emirates Passenger Seat Tip

Business Class : Airbus A330 (2 class config)

Avoid Economy seats 10 A and K, as these are window seats - without a window!



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