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Qantas Airways A380 Business Class Flight Review London to Singapore


Business Class


London to Singapore


17 November 2010


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Qantas Qantas customer 2010
5.0 Star Rating: Excellent

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Flight Review of Qantas Airways Business Class

Flight Review of Qantas Airways A380
Business Class : London to Singapore

Flight Review of Qantas Airways A380 Business Class : London to Singapore


Utilized the British Airways lounge at Heathrow which, although a little crowded and hectic, is one of the better lounges with a nice selection of food and beverages. The boarding process was done quickly and efficiently.


The A380 upper deck is almost all business class and the cabin had that feel of a new aircraft. The seats were generously spaced to give a sense of openness. There was no sense of congestion often experienced with many seating configurations in business class cabins.


The business class seat was very comfortable and opened up to a truly flat bed which enabled me to catch a few hours of sleep, something I can have a great deal of difficulty with on many business class flights.


The food and wine offerings were a pleasant surprise. The meals did not give the impression of reconstituted- microwaved TV dinners that often you encounter in business class. The dishes were tasty. The salad greens were not wilted. And the service was friendly and efficient.


I rely on my laptop and ipod to occupy my waking hours on a flight, so did not explore the IFE on this flight. But the impression I got was favorable. A nice broad selection of movies and music is available and the screen are large and images are very clear and sharp.


The on-board service was attentive and congenial in a unique Australian style the made for a pleasant social experience.


Here is where Qantas excelled in my view. My bags were misplaced on my connecting flight from Amsterdam (British Airways) so were not on the flight with me. But I did not have to wait until all the bags to come out before realizing this. I was met at the baggage carousel before the bags came out by Qantas personnel. I was given a nice travel kit (a nice collection of toiletries, boxer shorts and a t-shirt) and SGD100 to "tide me over" until my bags arrived. They later called me at my hotel that same day to advise me that my bags had been found and were on tomorrow's flight. When the bags arrived, they again called to let me know. And a few hours later the bags were delivered to my hotel. I have had lost luggage problems in the past. And no other airline provided the level of service Qantas demonstrated in this incident.


Largely due to the manner in which they handled my lost luggage problem, I come away with the highest regard for Qantas. But from start to finish, this was a very pleasant experience.

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