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Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Flight Review London to New York JFK return


Premium Economy


London to New York JFK return


4 November 2010


David Daley (UK)


Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic customer 2010
4.0 Star Rating: Good

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Virgin Atlantic flight review

Flight Review of Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy London to New York JFK return

Flight Review of Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy : London Heathrow to New York JFK return

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy from London Heathrow to New York JFK return. I checked in online but wasn't able to choose a seat and was allocated a seat in the middle of the cabin. I was able to change the allocation at check in which was fast and stress free. The queue for security at Terminal 3 was very short and in no time at all I was sitting in the lounge.

At the gate to board there was a huge queue to get into the gate, and due to the design of Terminal 3, Virgin staff kept having to close the access to the gate to allow arriving passengers to walk past. Having a long wait I got to the gate, showed my boarding pass and boarded immediately.

This was my first experience of Virgin Premium Economy . The seat was wide and very comfortable, being able to board ahead of Economy and get settled with a small glass of champagne was a very relaxing experience.

Service during the flight was good, with pre dinner drink service, a choice of 3 meals (food okay, it is still economy!) after dinner drink service, ice cream, fruit and then the snack which was just a tea/coffee and a brownie. Arrived on time but stood in line at immigration for about 45 minutes and when I reached baggage reclaim the bags had still not arrived?

On my return flight I check in online at my hotel, still wasn't able to select a seat and again seated in the middle of the aircraft. Checking at JFK was chaotic and disorganised.

Despite having checked in I still had to queue for 40 minutes at the bag drop. There isn't a separate Premium Economy bag drop so I was told to join the Economy bag drop line, which was very long, then as the queue at Premium Economy got even longer they turned one of the economy bag drop desks into a Premium Economy check in desk. The result is that despite having gone to the effort to check in online, I dropped my bag off after the entire Premium Economy queue had been cleared. I wasn't able to change my seat allocation as the cabin was full, and to add insult to injury all they do at the bad drop desk is put a tag on the bag, you then have to take your bag to another point to actually drop it off, all in all a complete and total waste of time.

Very little seating at the gate so was glad to be able to board early, preflight drink very welcome, meal slightly better, skipped rest of the drinks and got some sleep in my seat which is wider, has a better recline, and a very supportive neck support. Was woken up by the noise in the cabin while breakfast was being served.

Breakfast on Virgin consists of a cup of tea, a piece of fruit and a biscuit, or a sweet muffin, really terrible can't imagine who thought that was a good idea. Landed on time, Terminal 3 at Heathrow was a mess, dirty toilets, broken escalators, and a very long queue at Immigration.

In summary I think Virgin did a good job, and I would fly Premium Economy again but there are a few niggles which I think they could easily address

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