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Delta Air Lines Economy Class Flight Review Sacramento to Atlanta return


Economy Class


Sacramento to Atlanta return


31 October 2010


Alan Richards (USA)


Delta Air Lines Delta Air Lines customer 2010
4.0 Star Rating: Good

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Delta Air Lines flight review

Flight Review of Delta Air Lines Economy Class Sacramento to Atlanta return

Flight Review of Delta Air Lines Economy Class : Sacramento to Atlanta return

Check-in at Sacramento was quick, using the self-check in and then bag drop. I had checked available seats online and seen that the plane would be 100% full, so I knew to check my suitcase (why don't more people do this?).

Online I also saw the aircraft would be an A320 without any video entertainment, so I knew to bring lots of reading material. The agents were efficient and friendly. The flight boarded on time.

My "welcome onboard" was a view of the lead FA's back as she crouched in the First Class galley - not a tragedy, but a missed opportunity for setting a nice tone for the flight.

I had Seat Number 26A, the very last row and at the window - I was doubly glad I had checked my bag, as the last rows overhead bins are partly or mostly taken up with emergency equipment. Surprisingly, this row did recline, and the legroom was adequate. Seat width was OK also.

As the crew got frustrated with the predictable luggage drama in the last minutes of boarding, the announcements became more shrill and passive-agressive.

The Economy Class cabin was at minimum crew, with only two FAs, but they did do two complete drink and food services during the 4hr 15mins flight, and with a pleasant demeanor. Passengers in YC have a small selection of drinks and snacks that are free and the rest must be purchased, and only debit/credit cards are accepted.

Because I was hemmed in, and the gentleman on the aisle seat promptly donned eyeshades and went to sleep, I knew not to prompt a bathroom trip with any food or drink, so I can't comment on that. At the end of the flight several rather insistent PAs were made about donations for Breast Cancer Month, and a wicker basket was taken down the aisle; apparently they got $100 that flight.

We arrived on time, and my suitcase was just coming round the carrousel as I walked up to it - perfect!

Returning Atlanta to Sacramento I looked at available seats online and knew this too would be a completely full flight, so checking my suitcase again was a no-brainer. The bag drop was very fast.

This time the equipment was a Boeing 757 with video entertainment. I got the aisle seat in the second row of Economy class. Again there was the painfully predictable last-minute drama of too many bags in the cabin and not enough space, leading to agitation of both crew and passengers.

Earphones and connectors were sold for $2 and the movie began on the overhead monitors - "Grown-ups", only marginally better than staring at the seat back in front of me. Again two services were offered during the 4hr 25mins flight, but this time a menu of items for purchase was offered to passengers that wanted one. The crew again was reasonably pleasant and professional.

We arrived on time, but this time the Sacramento baggage loaders took their time getting the luggage to the carousel - a good 30 minutes from arrival time (and SMF airport is rather small), but at least my suitcase arrived, intact.

VERDICT - a good, solid travel experience with no serious incidents, delays or lost luggage. The charges for every little thing in Economy class are tiresome, but I was informed and expected them. I can't stress the value of checking the airline's website for available seats on an upcoming flight, to know ahead of time whether it would be smart (or necessary) to check luggage.

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