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Asiana Airlines Business Class Flight Review Seoul Incheon to London


Business Class


Seoul Incheon to London


24th September 2010


T Davis


Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines customer 2010
5.0 Star Rating: Excellent

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Asiana Airlines Business Class Flight Review Seoul Incheon to London


Check in services for Asiana at their international hub is a breeze, especially for business class passengers, where there is an area dedicated to premium check-in. The staff working at the desks were excellent, friendly and competent. Quickly checked in and ready to pass through security and to the lounge. The lounge facilities are some of the best I have seen, and a pleasant way to spend the couple of hours before boarding – I had time for a shower in one of their large and well equipped bathroom facilities, and then relaxing in a massage chair.

I felt there could have been a better variety of hot food available. Given that it was peak breakfast time I was disappointed not to find the option of eggs, bacon etc. There are plenty of screens and announcements to let you know when to board and only a short walk to the gate. The staff were extremely friendly and wished you a good flight. At the gate there were dedicated lines for business passengers and I was soon seated with a drink in my hand.


The appearance of Asiana cabins are understated and professional, with grey tones. In the most important category of cleanliness, Asiana scored full marks! The cabin was spotless with a really pleasant atmosphere.


I was a bit disappointed by seat configuration on the B777 aircraft used on this trip. The seats were laid out 2-3-2, which meant that the cabin felt quite cramped and there is a chance you will be surrounded by people on each side.

The seats themselves were not as modern as other business seats I have experienced; with the seat pitch and leg room (especially in bed mode) comparatively poor. This proved a problem when trying to climb over the passenger asleep next to me. Comfort was slightly redeemed by the excellent pillow, blanket and the excellent high end products supplied in the amenity bag – always makes a good gift !


The all round service is excellent and it feels like a high class restaurant experience. It was great to be able to sample some authentic South Korean cuisine, which was fresh, simple and extremely filling. Asiana also allow the flexibility to have some good western puddings.

Where I feel Asiana beat competitors and excel is the premium nature of the drinks and other bits and pieces you get with the meal. Staff bring round an extensive selection of sauces from full bottles as you would find at home, and the breads are bakery fresh. In addition, the wine menu is large with high end bottles which are a really nice accompaniment to the main meals. What sealed it for me, is when they served a 28 year old Ballantine Whisky, which if you check the in-flight duty free, isn’t a run of the mill product !


The screen was of a good size (15 inches) and the picture was clear. AVOD meant I could watch whatever I wanted as my convenience. I would have liked to have a larger music collection to browse through, though the video collection was enough for the flight .

One big negative with the in-flight entertainment was that the AVOD service did not work smoothly and was often slow in responding to requests, even crashing on a couple of occasions. The interface was well presented, but I would rather it was easy to work and responsive to my commands.


The cabin crew really make this airline what it is. Not only are they polite and friendly, ready to respond to and satisfy your needs, they are the epitome of professionalism. I felt that cabin crew were completely in control of what they were doing and ready to respond to any questions or problems that resolved.


I was first off the plane and ready to negotiate the rabbit warren which is London Heathrow. The staff wished me a pleasant stay, and were as fresh and sincere when I got off as when I got on.


Asiana definitely are a 5 Star airline and the staff service and all round package they supply is excellent, making long haul travel a pleasure. The only disappointment was the business class seats on my flight and would have hoped that Asiana would use a more modern aircraft on this sector.


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