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Ryanair Economy Class Flight Review London Stansted to Bergamo return


Economy Class


London Stansted to Bergamo return


23rd September 2010


James Robson


Ryanair Ryanair customer 2010
2.0 Star Rating: Poor

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Ryanair Economy Class Flight Review London Stansted to Bergamo return


Long Bag-drop queues at Stansted. Too many flights by Ryanair in 13:00 to 14:00 slot, and queuing at gate chaotic. This caused flight delay 25 minutes.

Pressure sales by FAs during flight for Food, Drinks, Duty Free, Lottery Scratch cards etc. with "no change for GBP" and no current exchange rate calculator (seemingly).

Arrived on time (according to Ryanair announcement), but actually 20 minutes late, despite swoop style landing with double bounce and heavy braking to reduce taxiing time.

On the return, Bergamo Bag Drop without a queue. The only surly Ryanair Flight Bag Attendant formed her own queue to check Cabin bags for size, weight, contents - and issued warning in regard to "extra clothing being worn to be placed in cabin baggage before passing into the departure lounge".

The boarding Priority queue and main queue merged on bus to the aircraft. Priority passengers were directed to enter the aircraft via the front steps only, but the access was blocked by exiting aircraft cleaning crew - strange as this is normally done by previous passengers who were not allowed to leave the aircraft until all newspapers and food wrappers were handed into FA's.

The main queue accessed the aircraft quicker via the rear door. Aircraft was held on the apron awaiting clearance for 20 minutes with engines running (noisy and hot in cabin), whilst FAs went through safety demonstration.

We landed at Stansted "on time" as announced by PA system as we taxied off the runway, but then taking a further 15 minutes to finally arrive at gate and exit the plane.

You get what you pay for with Ryanair. You have to endure checking queues, pressure sales, excessive baggage checks, promotion propaganda and unclean aircraft.


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