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British Airways Business Class Flight Review Ibiza to London City


Business Class


Ibiza to London City


6th September 2010




British Airways British Airways customer 2010
2.0 Star Rating: Poor

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British Airways Business Class Flight Review Ibiza to London City


3 check in desks, one for Club Europe and two for Euro Traveller. Check in agent at Club Europe desk took so long to check in 2 passengers that we voluntarily moved to the Euro Traveller queue. Normally in this situation, an agent from the Euro Traveller desk calls Club Europe passengers over so that they don't have to queue. No business class lounge at Ibiza. In our experience, at other destinations we have been to on BA without a lounge, refreshment vouchers have been handed out at check in. The check in staff at Ibiza looked at us like we were stupid when we asked for them.


New Embraer 170 aircraft, so spotlessly clean.


2+2 seating throughout the aircraft. Blue leather seats were very comfortable with plenty of legroom, but we really missed having the centre seat free, as they do on Club Europe from Heathrow and gatwick. The flight was full, and it didn't feel like being in business class at all. I would think that flights booked in Euro Traveller would be better value for money with this 2+2 seating. Overhead bins were very small meaning that cases cannot be stowed wheels first. Lockers above row 1 have no storage due to oxygen and crew bags. Why do they do this when there is nowhere else to store your bag when you are seated in row 1? Why not put the oxygen above a seat row where passengers can store their bags below the seats in front?


The hot main course consisted of very fatty meat, with vegetables and potatoes in gravy. This was served in the Club Europe plastic breakfast dish with a silver foil lid - not in a porcelain dish like Heathrow and gatwick services. Dessert a dry chocolate tart with no sauce or cream. Cheese plate consisted of one piece of pre-packed cheese and Jacobs crackers. Unlike Heathrow and Gatwick flights of similar duration, no meal choice was offered so order a special meal if you are vegetarian. This was possibly the worst meal I have ever had on a 2hr Club Europe flight. Full range of complimentary drinks offered including the dreaded Pommery champagne. Hot towels offered, which have been removed from some Heathrow and Gatwick flights.


None offered.


Cabin crew friendly and efficient - only 2 crew on board the aircraft, so Euro Traveller passengers have to wait until the Club Europe service has been completed.


On arrival at London City we had a short walk to passport control, where there was a small queue. By the time we got through, our bags were already on the carousel. We were out of the airport within 15 minutes of landing.


We flew out from Gatwick, but decided to try this flight for the novelty factor of travelling on a new aircraft into London City. Our outbound flights from Gatwick were excellent, but we were very disappointed with the quality of food and the cramped feel of the Club Europe cabin. I would fly an Embraer E170 again, but not in Club Europe.


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