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Jet Airways Business Class Flight Review Toronto to Brussels to Chennai


Business Class


Toronto to Brussels to Chennai


12th January 2010


G Govindraj


Jet Airways Jet Airways customer 2010
4.0 Star Rating: Good

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Jet Airways Business Class Flight Review Toronto to Brussels to Chennai


Check in quick, staff friendly, clearly explained about the change in the aircraft configuration on YYZ-BRU sector but assured that seats are lie-flat. Directed to the Maple Leaf Lounge. Boarding orderly based on rows and business class passengers allowed to board at their wish on both flights. The business class lounge at BRU was warm, crowded, cramped, inadequate washrooms to handle 6 flights arriving and departing nearly at the same time.


Both flights on A330-200 : cabin on YYZ-BRU sector the old type with 2-2-2 conventional configuration with navy blue seats which gave a darker ambience to the cabin, especially for a night flight. BRU-MAA the herring bone configuration with bright ambience. Cabin temperature in both the sectors was warm. The mood lighting apparently is limited to long haul B777 equipment.


Both the aircraft had lie-flat seats. Preferred and enjoyed the herring bone seat configuration with regard to layout and privacy. Offered duvet and pyjamas on the night flight. Taking the tray table out of the herring bone seat configuration was bit challenging. The curved ledge to place your drink is not wide enough especially when you place your coffee cup and saucer. Your personal stowaway area is potential for accumulating dirt and debris unless they are cleaned promptly. Offered overnight toiletry kiton YYZ-BRU sector, none on BRU-MAA sector.


Served dinner on YYZ-BRU sector though options were limited and bit spicy. Pre meal drinks incl champagne followed with good selection of wines. Enjoyed the apple juice for pre-take off drink on both the flights. We skipped the breakfast on the first flight before landing as the dinner was pretty sumptuous. Crew ran out of ice cream/fruit options when we requested instead of the pre-landing snack service on BRU- MAA sector.


AVOD quality and selections adequate and current. Noise reduction headphones a plus to enjoy the entertainment. Did not explore the video games.


Cabin crew well groomed, courteous and greeted at the entrance though the staff did not address the passengers by names on both flights. Staff on YYZ-BRU sector did their duty promptly but did not engage in any conversation with passengers. Staff on BRU-MAA sector were friendly and appeared personable and genuine in their conversations. Drinks topped promptly without being asked and staff present in the cabin during mid flight checking on the passengers.


Business class passengers deplaned first. No special meet and greet service at BRU transfer and have to find the lounge on our own. It would have been nice if Jet Airways offered limo service. Baggage though tagged as priority took a while to show up on the belt, very common in Indian airports.


Overall a nice experience, arrived refreshed at the destination after a nearly 20 hours flight including a 2 hour stop over at BRU. A good value for the product offered.


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