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XL Airways Economy Class customer seat reviews


XL Airways Passenger reviews of Economy Class cabin seat comfort for long, medium or short haul flights.


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Seat Comfort Customer scoring : XL Airways
1.0 Star Rating: Very Poor
2 reviews



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XL AIRWAYS ECONOMY CLASS SEAT REVIEW  - 27 August 2008 by Deborah Matthews (UK)

AIRCRAFT :       A330-200

PAX SIZE :   Medium

LAYOUT : 3x3x3

POSITION :   Middle

PAX RATING :    1/10



Legroom Space

Seat Recline

Seat Width

Viewing TV Screen

Access in/out of seat



This seat was like no other I have ever had the displeasure to sit in. It was so narrow I am bruised on my hips from the arm rests. Although I observed the safety procedures, if needed it would have been impossible to either access the life jacket under the seat or take up the brace position. I know there are laws regarding leg room pitch. Are there any regarding width? If so these must be in breach of the law. Unless you are a size 0 stick insect, this airline is no good for you!

Review:   21 May 2007

Aircraft:  Boeing 737-400

Name:  Peter Neale

Position:  Middle

Layout:   3x3

PAX size:  Large   

Recommended :  No

Comfort Score :  3/10

  Legroom space

This was an "extra Legroom" seat in Row 15, next to the over-wing emergency exit. Unfortunately, Row 16 also has an emergency exit, so my seat did not recline at all. Pretty uncomfortable, despite the legroom.

  Seat recline

  Seat width

  Viewing TV screen

  Access in/out of seat

Footrest    No




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