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Zip - by Robin Fullard

16 June 2004

Interesting concept - take old Canadian Airlines 737's. Paint them day-glo colours on the outside, but don't change the interior at all. Flew from Calgary to Vancouver check in was fine (using automated machines) but plane was 30 minutes late. I guess this is what happens when you are shuttling on short hauls and you get delayed one end. Seats were tight, service was sparse but it was only a 90 minute flight. Biggest bone of contention - overhead bins were not very tall and passengers tend not to check luggage these days the consequence is it takes almost 40 minutes to de- plane if you are at the back!

Zip - by Paul McClure

30 October 2003

I have flown Zip three times and they get better each time. The legs have always been Calgary to Victoria but the most recent trip I returned Air Canada and AC Jazz and would have to say Zip can teach a lot to AC & AC Jazz. I recommend Zip to anyone and WestJet as well over AC and AC Jazz.

Zip - by Bob Gendron

21 October 2003

I am very surprised to see all the bad comments about Zip. I flew on Zip from Montréal to Winnipeg continuing to Edmonton. It was during the Toronto blackout followed the next day by the "computer virus" which grounded the entire Air Canada network. I was lucky to have my flight reserved on Zip, Air Canada's codeshare partner (and 100% owned by Air Canada !). So I was on one of the only few flights which actually left Montréal this day. Although we had to pay for everything except refreshments on board, I was served by young and courteous flight attendants. The atmosphere was very pleasant. The crew changed in Winnipeg, and we got a even "funnier" crew (as they called themselves), who did not hesitate to make little joke and collaborate with people. It is obvious that these two crews did not come from the regular Air Canada's crew who may look more professional, but who also looks very bored and unpleasant ... sometimes even rude. This trip was very pleasant and what made the difference was the positive and outgoing attitude of the staff.

Zip - by Harry Kramer

22 September 2003

I had a reservation to fly Zip Winnipeg to Vancouver and my flight was cancelled as they said due to mechanical reasons. My protected flight was later in the day. The flight was full of other people who also had other flights cancelled for the same reason. Once onboard the plane was filthy with garbage throughout the plane. The aisle carpet was so dirty that it looked like nobody cleaned it in weeks. So much for a clean plane. My seat was in an emergency exit row. The cold air poured from the side of the plane's skin. The gentleman who was sitting by the window tried to block the freezing air with a blanket but it was hopeless. If Zip wants their customers to sit in a filthy aircraft with freezing air pouring in, along with cancellations of a lot of their flights then this customer will use another carrier. One of the worst flying experiances in 30 years.

Zip - by Don Zuykic

2 May 2003

A ZIP flight from Calgary to Winnipeg - crew only passed through the cabin once, then hid. So much for inflight service. They were very slow and did not appear to know what to do. The seat pockets were full of trash and the plane half full. I took Westjet back and I will stay off ZIP.

Zip - by Matt Liaw

25 April 2003

I had a chance to fly Zip from Vancouver-Edmonton during the Christmas holiday 2002. On my way to Vancouver I took Westjet. Comparing these 2 airlines, I have to say that Westjet provided a better in-flight service. My trip with Zip was served by 3 flight attendants who didn't seem familiar with the equipment on board. The flight attendants worked in a very slow pace. Because of their slow pace, I paid extra attention to the time when the FA's returned to their seats before landing. They fought to get on the seats and fastened up just seconds before we touched down. Along with their slow pace, on my flight to Vancouver with Westjet, I was asked for refills and cookies. with the same amount of money for airfare, I only had one orange juice on my way back on Zip. The trip was during the christmas holiday. I am not sure if Zip has improved the services or not. From where I stand, Zip still has a long way to go to catch up with westjet.

Zip - by N Soran

10 November 2002

Zip is Air Canada's discount answer to Westjet. Airport Check in is handled by Air Canada agents. The check in was prompt with only a short wait in line. At the gate we waited for our departure which was 20 mins late. The gate departure sign said ZIP and the flight number. Once the plane had arrived a few people got off and boarding commenced. The 737 200 series aircraft were old with a facelift of a bright paint job, new carpets and covered seats. The cabin was littered with newspapers and lots of garbage in the seat pockets. The inflight mag was Air Canada's and the inflight crew welcomed us aboard Air Canada. Not a word about Zip. Only drinks were served and snack had a charge of a dollar for a pitiful size bag of nuts or a candy bar. Not worth it. The flight was almost empty with only thirty of us aboard. There is no inflight music and the plane had that bleak look about it. Soon we arrived at YWG. Bags were prompt due to the light load. I would probably fly Westjet in future as the people running things seem not to know if they are Zip or Air Canada. At times they appear to be disorganized in doing things.



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