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VOLARE AIRLINES review : 24 September 2009 : by F Elisha

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I returned from the US on from LAX. I have never experienced such a bad trip. There is nothing positive about the flight I can mention. The worst part was the extremely cold temperature inside the plane. Enduring 13 hours of cold without relief was too much for anyone. The staff seemed to be oblivious to the fact. Turn off the lights and all will be OK. The blankets are too small and thoroughly inadequate to keep a person warm. Even if one is covered the head and top part of the body is exposed to the cold air. I was happy to support Volare as a new airline, however the experience has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

VOLARE AIRLINES review : 30 April 2008 : by René Engesser

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

MXP-HAV Business class. Average service, charming cabin crew. Meals perfect. Seats not too comfortable.

Volare Airlines - by Felipe Gonzales

27 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

RTM to MXP. A320 was not available so flight was operated with Air Europe Boeing 767 instead. Perfect price for a LCC and flight left on-time. RTM is a very convenient airport to use.

Volare Airlines - by Christoffer Madsen

25 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

PMO-LIN. An interesting experience with an Italian carrier I had not used before. Check in quick, boarded on time, and we even left a little earlier than scheduled. The interior on the A320 was bright and looked new. Add to that a smiling and cheerful crew and a very interesting inflight magazine. Scheduled arrival in Milano was set to 6.55PM - at that point I had already picked up my luggage and was waiting for a bus to take me home. What else can you ask for?

Volare Airlines - by Diane Terrazzino

11 September 2004

My husband and I flew with Volare from Brussels to Catania in August. Unfortunately flight was delayed due to Volare arriving late from Catania. Our return in September took off on time. For a low cost airline my husband and I were very pleased. From Brussels it is the only airline that flys direct to Catania. We will certainly use them again.

Volare Airlines - by S Appleby

27 August 2004

We used Volare to travel from Norwich to Arrecife. I was not happy to discover that despite paying £10, a meal I had requested (gluten free) had not been provided - both ways. We were promised by the chief steward that Volare would contact us, but we've been back a week and still nothing. If you travel with Volare, everything will cost you - a glass of water 1 euro, juice 1.50, crisps etc 1.50. It can work out an expensive trip with children and no booked meal!! By choice, I would not travel with volare again. The aircraft was grubby, ashtrays missing, those that were there, were full of papers and chewing gum!

Volare Airlines - by Mark Thompson

16 July 2004

We flew Volareweb.com from Paris Orly to Rome Fiumicino on June 26 and were not impressed. Staff were not friendly and inconsistent in applying the overweight luggage fee - I paid over $100 for one suitcase that was over the 20 kg. max, while my sister (who also had overweight luggage) did not have to pay. Flight was also late.

Volare Airlines - by Jean-Claude Provost

22 June 2004

We used this airline and were very pleased. For example, our last trip to Rome arrived 10 minutes early - the return (on a busy Friday evening) was only 20 minutes delayed. And this for one third the price of a ticket with Air France. The cost of snacks onboard the flight is the same as airport cafes.

Volare Airlines - by Carsten Balzer

25  April 2004

20/04/04 VCE-SXF for €79. Aircraft a Airbus 320, cabin was in need of some work - taped armrests just don't look safe. Chewing gum in the seat pocket and in the former ashtrays and that was not something from the flight before or could be excused with short turnaround times, but it's us passengers who do that!! Cabin crew ok. Inflight menus would be a nice touch, I'd like to see the prices before I order. They got me safely from A to B for a reasonable price, but they are not (yet) in the league of other low-cost carriers like Germanwings, Air Berlin or Sterling.

Volare Airlines - by Lesley Wood

7 April 2004

Travelled Volare and must say it has been the best flight that I have been on in years. With all the cutbacks to save money ie - entertainment, leg room, it was great to get on a flight that had both.

Volare Airlines - by John Carasone

10 February 2004

VolareWeb FCO-SXF on A320 – flight was delayed for over 3 hours and information about the delay and why were slow to come to us. The flight was practically empty, so I’ll give them credit for not using a "mechanical error" excuse to cancel a money losing flight. Seats more comfortable than Ryanair or Easyjet, but the plane wasn’t very tidy and looked a lot older than it should.

Volare Airlines - by Alex Fjoldrom

12 November 2003

I flew more than 20 times with VolareWeb in the last 6 months, and I never had any problem with it. I'm sorry for Mr. Chuan Chen, but he should say that VolareWeb is a low cost company, and the problem with the LCC is that if the flight is cancelled you lose yr money. I don't want to comment what happened to me and many others in August with Ryanair. Anyway, in all the flights I had with VolareIi found always very good and polite F/A (at the opposite of many other LCC), modern planes with screens, plane always in time. I must remind also to Mr. Chuan Chen that VolareWeb is not based in Rome but it's based in Venice/Marco Polo.

Volare Airlines - by Chuan Chen

9 November 2003

My experience with Volare Airline is the worst ever I've ever had in my more than 10 years frequent flying experiences with all different airlines. The customer service is incredibly irresponsible. Three of us planed a 2 day weekend trip to Venice. Our flight from London to Venice at Saturday morning 9:15am was cancelled - after everybody has checked in. No information at all was given. The representative of Volare told us they have no idea when we can fly - they have no idea if the next flight would arrive on time so that we could leave later. We waited until 4:00pm in the afternoon when the second Volare flight of that day should depart - but it has been delayed. We were kept in the airport, without permission to leave, because luggage have been checked in, and they refuse to help us get them out There was no customer service we can get in touch with. All the telephone no’s the representative gave us didn’t work, and the office in Rome is closed. We were left with no information, and the airline refused to refund our tickets for the cancellation! At the end, we finally get the chance to depart at 21:00 in the evening. We arrived after midnight in Marco Polo and the airline didn’t show any intent to help us to arrange transportation to Venice. There were at least 40 people with us who in the same flight went through this extremely disappointing experience!

Volare Airlines - by Sarah Butler

20 October 2003

London Gatwick to Venice with Volare this week, and will never fly with them again. Our 8.25am flight was cancelled, and we were told to wait for the 2.50pm flight. No ground staff, no information, no vouchers for food. We rang to ask about compensation - instead they refunded our fare and cancelled our booking. We guessed what they had done and rang back - they insisted we rebook for the afternoon flight, and charged us £40 more, plus admin charges. The 2.50pm flight was over two hours late in leaving, so we waited at Gatwick for over 10 hours. On our return two days later, we checked in, and found that the person who made the new booking had got the date wrong and booked us in for the previous day. The Volare ticket office at Venice Marco Polo sorted this out - but they were the only helpful and competent Volare staff we encountered. On the way out the airplane was scruffy, the staff carried out no safety checks, and the intercom was broken so we could not hear the on-board staff. On the way back our seats were broken, and only just bearable for the two hour flight.

Volare Airlines - by Francisco Camino

20 July 2003

I flew on a brand-new leather seats A320 from MAD-VCE-MAD. The livery is really bright and attractive. There was nothing remarkable. Smooth, punctual and comfortable. As any other low cost no free drinks or food, so one has to pay for them. I wonder why they are so expensive - despite the ham focaccia italian style was tasteful, I was charged 5 euros for it - crazy. The flight to VCE had screens with flight data which is a nice and unusual feature in a low cost, but on the return flights no screens at all. Crews were not particularly friendly, but smartly dressed and quite typically italian good looking. Worth flying them for the ridiculous price of the tickets, and despite the expensive bar trolley.

Volare Airlines - by Alessandro Severi

9 May 2003

No low cost airline gives you reading material or free food. An exception could be Virgin Express - but usually low cost airlines make you pay for everything. They don't assign you a seat at check-in even if a few such as bmibaby do. Low cost airlines are low cost because they want to keep costs low, that's why it is suggested for a passenger that flies with them to at least be there 2 hours before. Volareweb does not have any ground staff (to keep costs down) - in Milan uses SEA Handling and in Venice SAV Handling and in any case pays them so little the service will be lower (less check-in desks open and more time to wait for luggage). I used to fly a lot with Volare Airlines too but many airlines now seem to be attracted to the low-cost product. It's a shame because Volare was a good airline.

Volare Airlines - by Chad Koehnke

27 April 2003

VolareWeb.Com is a new low-fare spin off of Volare Airlines. Skytrax - you may have your one star airline. Admittedly, they are a new airline and I flew them MAD-VCE-MAD in their 2nd week of operation. There were no drinks offered unless you wanted to pay. Not even tap water and I asked! Do I dare mention peanuts? (well, I did and they were $2) Also, there was no reading material other than an out-dated magazine for the Milan airport. I waited over an hour for check-in in Venice too and just about missed my flight. Oh, and can I mention that part of the overhead panel (the part with the oxygen combustors) fell during light turbulence? And then the flight attendant started hitting the panel (with the combustors) back into place. VolareWeb, you better figure things out fast or else you will be the "first" (and last) "low fare airline in Italy."

Volare Airlines - by Remo Vignati

15 February 2003

I agree that Volare is a good airline with a very young fleet but I disagree with the statement that Volare has good connections from main European cities to central America and Asia. Volare and its partner, Air Europe, fly on schedule only within some cities in Italy and Europe while the flights to central America (that means only Cancun, Santo Domingo and Cuba) and Asia (that means only Maldives) are charters that, sometime, accepts paying passengers outside of tours operator packages.

Volare Airlines - by Marco Donaggio

14 February 2003

I confirm the previous opinion. Volare Airlines is good with modern planes and a good service on board. Cabin crew are friendly in general. I also flew from Venice to London/LGW and to Madrid. In both flights Volare Airlines uses A330 due to the big request.

Volare Airlines - by Alex Fjoldrom

4 February 2003

I recently flew Volare Airlines from Venice/Marco Polo to London, Gatwick in code sharing with Alitalia. Volare Airlines is the second largest intercontinental Italian airline and the service is good and their fleet modern. I was surprised to fly from Venice to London in an Airbus A330. I read on their in flight magazine that Volare Airlines has a fleet composed by 7 A330, 20 A320 and 5 A321. A good airline with good connections at Milan/Malpensa, Milan/Linate, Milan/Orio and Venice from the main European cities to Central America and Asia.



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