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VIRGIN NIGERIA review : 25 May 2009 : by Mark Bickerton

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Lagos-Douala return. Outbound flight was on schedule, quite good service. Return was delayed by 4 hours which meant a lot of waiting around at Douala airport where there is very little to do. Virgin Nigeria service is generally quite good but they suffer from delays too often.

VIRGIN NIGERIA review : 28 December 2008 : by Mark Bickerton

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Douala-Lagos Economy. Good service, on time and everything went smoothly on this flight. I was quite impressed!

VIRGIN NIGERIA review : 24 December 2008 : by Nicole Gaskin

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I am writing on behalf of my husband who is currently sleeping at the Lagos airport, Nigeria, waiting for the past 4 days for his lost luggage's from Gatwick airport in London UK to arrive as promise on numerous occasion by the Virgin Nigerian airways. He took a flight with this airline on Wednesday 17th December 2008 and should have arrive the same day with another flight to Port- Harcourt. Instead, he is in Lagos with no change of clothing, lost all his Christmas gifts for his family (missing luggage) which he hasn't seen for 8 years, no medications for his throat (just add a surgery in London) and no help whatsoever, from Virgin Nigeria, Lagos or Gatwick UK. I am here to tell other people to avoid taking this airline at all times.

Virgin Nigeria review - by S Olowoake

28 November 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 0 Star Rating

I am a frequent flyer with VK and even a member of the eagleflier frequent flyer programme. Lately standards (if they were any) have started to slip away quickly. Flight cancellations are the order of the day. So if you value your time, do not fly Virgin Nigeria. My flight from LOS to LON on Oct 31st was cancelled. After much shouting, we were taken to a hotel where we were left to or own devices. Not a single phone call from any member of staff to let us know what was going on. We had to device our own means of getting information out and decided on our plan of action. We finally left on Sunday Nov 2nd. A 50% discount on your next flight was given but you had to go looking for the member of staff who was giving this coupon. Many who had their flights cancelled never got this coupon. Local and regional Flight cancellations are very rampant at the moment so be warned especially if you are planning a trip during this festive period.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Jason Ombu

17 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LOS-LGW Business Class. The cabin was empty as it was the 1410 flight which has only just started isn't popular yet. Food was generally very good, however their inflight entertainment is of a very poor standard with very little choice of films. Staff were friendly and helpful. Check in at Lagos was quick and efficient. However, I was denied access to the lounge because I didn't have a voucher, which really irritated me -they should be able to identify business class passengers by looking at seat numbers.

Virgin Nigeria review - by C Durand

19 May 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

If you can, try alternatives to Virgin Nigeria, it really isn't up to standard. I'd never guess that Richard Branson had a hand in this business, as it's way below what one would expect. Poorly maintained interior, lacklustre service, etc. as mentioned by many other reviewers. From South Africa rather use SAA.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Mark Bickerton

16 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

LGW-LOS return, out Business, return Economy. Virgin Nigeria tries hard to be part of the Virgin family but doesn't always succeed. The outbound flight was delayed by 5 hours and Gatwick closed (sched dep 2310, actual 0445) so I ended up sleeping on the concrete floor landside at LGW which was not really a good start. However, the service was friendly - I cant comment on the food etc in Business class because I slept the whole way there. Economy return to London was on time and the staff were friendly, but there was no food choice and the inflight entertainment was mostly a Nigerian soap opera. However, most of the passengers seemed to enjoy this (I think I was the only oyibo on the plane) so who am I to judge?

Virgin Nigeria review - by A Fleming

8 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

A generally disappointing experience on my Accra-Lagos-Abuja return flights. The 737-300 aircraft are not the most modern but are reportedly better kept than some of their competitors. Business section as 2-2 seating as opposed to the 3-3 in Y class; cleanliness was acceptable. Food is not great quality; choice seems to be mean or meat plus either fish and veg and plastic cutlery is used. Drink selection is also more limited than competitors. However the main problem is the delays (2 out of my 4 flights were delayed in excess of an hour). When these occurred there was almost no information available to the visibly rising agitation of the passengers. Prices for both Y and C class are relatively high and I would carefully consider the alternatives before booking with Virgin Nigeria again. As I think others have commented the Virgin brand might draw in the customers but quality on domestic and regional routes is, based on flights to date very average.

Virgin Nigeria review - by P Beighley

12 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I've flown on Virgin Nigeria numerous times in 2007 because of my work in West Africa. They definitely do not deserve a three star rating - two at the absolute most and one star would be more accurate. Per other comments, frequently depart late with no announcements, interior or aircraft with broken seats (had one flight where the armrest kept falling off into the aisle - the aircrew just kept putting it back on) and unedible food. While a better option that most West African airlines they seem to be making little or no effort in maintaining their fleet or working to keep their customers happy. Yet, every flight is full because of the lack of other choices so they have little motivation to improve.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Simon Dadd

5 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Lagos -Yaounde and return. Not a good experience - on leaving Lagos the flight was delayed by two hours - no announcements, no information, nothing. They kept us herded in a small departure gate throughout without bothering to let anyone know that there was a delay. The flight itself was ok - though in flight catering is still dire - either an inedible chicken (allegedly) roll, or a small cake. Coming back the plane hadn't arrived when we checked in despite it being due some time before. When asked we were assured that it would leave ontime despite there being no sight of it. Needless to say it was late - again no information, nothing. And the staff tried to tell me I couldn't take my own bottle of water and food onboard though the airport security had no problem with this! I hear that long haul routes are improving, but for regional travel at least, don't get taken in by the Virgin name - this isn't a patch on Virgin Atlantic. I will avoid in future if there is a reasonable alternative.

Virgin Nigeria review - by George Goring

4 March 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Lagos to London Gatwick at the end of January 2007. The departure and arrival was on time and although the vegetarian option was nothing to write home about, the staff were courteous and helpful. What made a real difference was being able to buy my ticket with cash at Calabar airport. This meant there was no need to run the gauntlet of unscrupulous travel agents.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Kingsley Utande

14 February 2007

I flew VK recently, ABV-LOS-JNB return. Their service was ok and the flights on all legs were within reasonable time. The clincher for me was being able to check in my luggage and get my boarding passes for the LOS-JNB leg from ABV, and do the same on the return leg. My grouse on return was having to pick up my luggage (which had already been tagged at JNB) upon getting to LOS, lugging it upstairs and checking it in again for the LOS-ABV leg. Very inconveniencing, considering that it wasn't what obtained on the outbound journey. On the whole, the flights were okay, but Virgin needs to improve on their IFE, and introduce online check-in. As for the seating, is it a bias I have against the A340? Because in my honest opinion, the 777 has a more comfortable cabin.However, I would still fly them because of their scheduling and flight connections within Nigeria.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Akinwale Adejobe

13 February 2007

The entire experience of travelling with them is second class, from check-in, broken seats, inflight food and time-keeping is third class. I prefer Bellview for flights to Douala as they operate more flights, even they (notorious for flight delays) operate more on time than VK and their flights have better timings for most travellers. For flights to Accra, I'd take the AeroContractors Dash 8 - it may be slower, but the seats are nicer and I feel much safer (although their check-in staff are truly awful).

Virgin Nigeria review - by Dmitry Gorodenskiy

3 December 2006

Maybe they had improved service, who knows. I was flying Abuja-Lagos and encountered no problems except inefficient check-in staff. The flight was on time, luggage collected 10 minutes after arrival, meal (sandwiches) were fresh, aircraft - good looking 737.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Christopher Price

21 November 2006

Abuja to Lagos, on an old Boeing 737. Not especially comfortable seats in economy, and no IFE of any sort - not even a magazine - but the flight is only one hour, so not too much of a problem. Complementary snacks offered, namely a pretty limited choice of sandwiches or a couple of small cakes. Take the cakes. Check in was slightly chaotic, but on reaching Lagos it emerged that our bags were on the next flight and we'd have to wait for two hours for them to arrive! Pretty appalling. However, when in Nigeria, you have to accept such problems, it seems, and be thankful for what you have (ie. a safe landing). Business class looked significantly more spacious, so would be a good option if possible.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Olateju Fagbeja

13 September 2006

Abuja to Lagos. It was their last flight to Lagos on that day (21:10 hrs). As required, I was at the international wing of the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport an hour before the time scheduled for take-off to check in and wait for the flight. At the time when it was expected that passengers would board (20 mins to departure), the plane had not even arrived. One would have thought that it was the usual excusable delays which would not last for more than 5-10 mins but to my disbelief (and of course, most other passengers') the aircraft did not arrive till 22:00 hours when we were finally called to start checking in. The most unfortunate part of it all was that during all this period there was not even one announcement from Virgin Nigeria to acknowledge the delay and the discomfort inflicted on their customers! After boarding I was still waiting for the cabin crew to render an apology for this delay but none came, not before, during nor after the flight. It was utterly provoking. No thanks to Virgin Nigeria, the airline that is proud not to serve.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Graham Martins

6 March 2006

Virgin Nigeria is a disgrace to the Virgin name. I flew them from Lagos to Abuja and back recently and was hoping for the typically fun Virgin experience. Reality couldn't be further from the truth. The aircraft is a clapped out old Bulgarian plane with Eastern European pilots and Cyrillic alphabet on the safety cards and signage. My seat kept involuntarily reclining and the crew's solution to this was to inform me to simply lean forward for the entire flight. Hardly confidence inspiring. The service on board consists of room temperature soft drinks poured into cardboard coffee cups served with stale sandwiches. This airline appears to be more "Nigeria" than "Virgin" unfortunately. I will be sticking with Aerocontractors for my domestic flying on the next trip to Nigeria.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Gideon Etireri

15 January 2006

I was travelling to Luanda From Nigeria. Prior to this trip I had always taken South African airways. But I wanted to at least encourage the Virgin Nigeria service. I was wrong at that decision. My ticket was booked from UK by my company travel agent. When I arrived Virgin Nigeria desk in Lagos to collect my ticket, They gave me a boarding pass instead. The Attendant said I could pick my boarding pass for my return journey from Jo'burg. Surprisingly, the Virgin Nigeria staff at the boarding gate refuse to board me requesting I present a ticket. I explained that it was an e-ticket and I thought I did not require any other ticket. It took the intervention of one of their manager who was travelling on that flight before I could board the flight to J'burg. On arrival at Jo'burg; there was no Virgin Nigeria staff or any person to give me transit service with respect to my luggage. It took the help of Immigration officers in Jo'burg before I could get my luggage and board another flight to to Luanda. My return journey was worst than ever. When I arrived Jo'burg from Luanda, I did not see any Virgin Nigeria transit agent. Although, SAA helped me with my transit luggage. Virgin Nigeria was not available to give me a boarding pass at the transit desk. After spending several hours waiting for the Virgin flight to arrive from Lagos, I managed to speak with the boarding agent of Virgin Nigeria, who requested me to come out of the transit area before he can board me. I hold a transit visa for South Africa and the immigration will never allow me to come out of the transit area. I tried my best but to no avail. Later, the agent called that he cannot even board me because my ticket was not valid for the trip. I told him it was my return journey, but she would not burge. Virgin Nigeria left me behind in Jo'burg. I had to buy another ticket with SAA for $1000 - one way ,to be able to fly back to Nigeria. This was the worst treatment I have ever had from a Nigerian carrier. Even the days of Nigerian airways was not like this. Knowing fully well that I am a Nigeria going home on holidays; and had used a leg of this ticket. I expect the airline to carry me. But this was not the case. I have decided nedver to fly Virgin Nigeria, as they do not know thier own. SAA will always have my patronage. I need service better than Virgin Nigeria. If Virgin continue like this they will lose all their potential frequent flyers. I am sure they have lost mine already.

Virgin Nigeria review - by Kerim Hann

11 December 2005

I was in Ghana and needed to travel Kenya. Since Kenya Airways doesnt fly every day, I had to find an alternate route. So my only chance was Ghana-Nigeria-Cameroon with Virgin Nigeria and than catch Kenya Airways from there. When I heard this option I was delighted since Virgin group can not be bad. Indeed airport check in was excellent, everything was same as Virgin Atlantic. My dream ended when I saw cabin staff talking in Russian, poor english - and an old aircraft hired from Balkan Airways (BH). Even safety leeflets in Russian from BH. Outside was Virgin, but inside nothing to do with it. Although seats are comfortable and big leg space in business class, recline bottons were disfunctional. What was worse that in business class, I could smell heavy smoke - hostess told me not to worry, it was pilots who smoked. I will not advise anyone to take Virgin Nigeria - unless you wwan to be in old planes, served by Russian staff and smoking pilots who ignore regulations. If this is Virgin brand, I dont want to take it anywhere and anymore.


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