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V Bird Airlines ceased business in 2004

V Bird Airlines - by Gaynor Brett

20 October 2004

Flew to Neiderrhein from Manchester 30 mins later but a good flight) on October 7th visiting family in Elmpt. Only by chance Friday evening a friend of the family phoned to say that she was expecting her family over from Manchester Friday 8th but when they arrived at Manchester were told that the airline had gone bump!!!! We would not have known until we had turned up at Neiderrhein for the return flight. We tried to contact the airline but a recording said that this service had been suspended. No one from the airline had bothered to try and contact us to let us know the situation - I feel sorry for the people that had probaly turned up at Neiderrhein for the return flight to Manchester - how they got home I don't know. Lucky for us we managed to get an Easy Jet flight back to Liverpool from Cologne. I would go with Easy Jet again plenty of leg room and efficient - not what I have seen on the television about them. Up to know we have no chance like a lot of other people that have booked with V-Bird of getting any money back. If the powers that be from V-Bird read this - I would like to know why they had not bothered to contact people - also family have booked in advance to go over to Germany for Christmas and New Year - will they get a refund!

V Bird Airlines - by Denys Barber

7 September 2004

Highly recommended. There were problems with damaged aircraft necessitating delays, but we were well looked-after and got to our destination and back without problems. The staff are to be congratulated on their handling of potentially stressful situations.

V Bird Airlines - by Rob Ridings

31 August 2004

My wife and I flew with V Bird last week (21st and 28th August) from Munich to Manchester with a change at Niederrhein. The flight between Munich and Niederrhein was fine but when we arrived at Niederrhein we were appalled to discover that our flight had a 5 hour delay. 30 minutes before we were actally due to fly it was put back by a further 4.5 hours leaving us to sit in an airport with pretty much nothing to do for a total of 9 hours. We were eventually taken to Manchester by a rather shabby looking Fokker 100. During this time we were given very little information as t o what the situation was and very little sympathy from the "Customer Service" (sic.) staff. We thought it couldn't get any worse on the return leg but we were horrified to discover that at first our flight between Niederrhein had been delayed by firstly 6 hours and then when we had made alternative arrangements with another carrier(DBA), the flight had been cancelled altogether! The "Customer Service" staff had little idea of how to deal with the situation and one woman even laughed at us and told us that it wasn't her problem and that this is how a "Low cost" airline operates! On a final note I have learnt that low cost is not necessarily the best option and paying that little bit extra to use a carrier with a spare plane or two in their fleet is the way forward!

V Bird Airlines - by Steve Anderson

23 August 2004

Flew from Manchester to Copenhagen via Niederrhein on 31st July returning 16th August. Arrived at Manchester to discover the flight had a rearranged flight time 30 minutes later than the one on the booking. Apparently some people had been contacted by email the night before - we weren't. It made the connection to Copenhagen a VERY close run thing. You have to go through passport control at Neidderhein and get rechecked in. No mention on either the plane out or in Germany about what would be happening. We were made to feel lucky that we'd made the connection which was itself delayed. (Indeed many on the Copenhagen flight had been kept overnight because the plane was faulty). On the return journey we got an email the night before saying that our connection in Germany would now be at 14.00 hrs not the 10.35 we'd been led to believe. Lucky we went into an internet cafe to check! Cue 4 hours waiting in an airport with NOTHING to do and no buses to anywhere. Vbird are very cavalier with their timetables and apologetic doesn't enter their vocabulary. I agree that when the flights take off they are amongst the most comfortable of the low cost carriers. However, I'd not recommend using them where a connecting flight is involved.

V Bird Airlines - by John Ball

16 August 2004

Flew with V-bird for first time, was supposed to land in Neiderrhein but flight was delayed so we had to land in Cologne. Flight attendants told us they were late because they were waiting for transatlantic passengers (Standard excuse apparently), they also couldn't cofirm where we were landing until we crossed the German border. Unfortunately Neiderrhein closes at midnight due to noise restrictions in the area. No support whatsoever once in Cologne, we had to guess which bus we needed to transfer! Heard on the flight back that the delay was caused by insufficient fueling so they had to make an unscheduled landing elsewhere to get more. Once in Manchester we had to wait for fuel again! The flight however had been chartered to EU Jet and I must say I wasn't impressed with the Fokker 100 they used but then again I do have an acute fear of flying! The flight home was only delayed by 15 minutes (and yes, we returned on the same Fokker 100, very bumpy on approach to Manchester!). However, we'll probably use V-Bird again as we spoke to other passengers who fly with them regularly and said the service is pretty reliable so it's not all bad!

V Bird Airlines - by Hubert Streck

10 August 2004

V-Bird to Copenhagen two weeks ago (via Niederrhein) and back. The flights were absolutely in time, the service staff was very friendly. The only problem (as mentioned in several comments!) is that the helpline doesn't seem to exist. I wrote an email instead and got an answer about two weeks later. If this particular issue could be improved, V-Bird could really be recommended.

V Bird Airlines - by J West

12 July 2004

Just returned to Copenhagen after a mini break in Manchester flying V Bird via Niederrhein both ways. Travellers contemplating flying on V Bird when a transfer is required, beware! While V Bird is offering extremely good value for money (great seating, very friendly and somewhat professional crew, and cheap inflight service), you are left on your own if you miss your connection. Unlike other low cost carriers, V Bird offers through check-in for some destinations on its own flights. However, if you miss your connection, you are left stranded in bloody Niederrhein - possibly for DAYS! This happened to us on the way our, leaving us in Niederrhein (where there is absolutely nothing to do, by the way) for nine hours. The flight back from Manchester arrived more than an hour late into Niederrhein and we were actually told that we were on our own for TWO DAYS if the flight to Copenhagen had not also been delayed. Lucky us. Danish travellers wanting to fly to Munich with a connecting flight should not fret though; the aircraft CPH-NRN is the same as used on the route NRN-MUC and v.v.

V Bird Airlines - by Richard Colley

7 July 2004

Flew V-Bird for the first time from Manchester to Munich via Niederrhein on 25 June, returned same but reverse route 2 July. No delays, smooth check-in etc. Very good value, and the stop in Niederrhein was welcome for snack etc. if in no particular hurry - 2 hours on way out, and 1 hour on way back. will use them again. Much better than going all the way to Stansted from Skipton for a cheap flight.

V Bird Airlines - by Hans-Gert Schless

21 June 2004

I have used V - Bird 10 times now and short delays are rather normal with this airline. A big disadvantage is that the hotline very expensive and always busy ( I was put in the loop for almost 45 minutes one time!) and that the personnel on the destinations is not from V Bird but from other companies. So they can't help you at all if you want to try to book an earlier flight at the airport. Last week I had an incredible 14 hours delay coming back from Vienna to Niederrhein. The flight was scheduled to leave at 8.10 am and they told us that they figure technical problems in the beginning . After several announcements they finally told us at 12:30 that this flight will be cancelled and that we had to take the evening flight at 7.10 pm. This flight however was also heavy delayed so that the final departure from Vienna was only at 10:30pm! It was not even operated by V Bird but by Aero Flight. We got free drinks and food during the stay in Vienna but I lost a whole day of work. V-Bird indeed changes the rules of flying - but to negative !!

V Bird Airlines - by Christian Winnewisser

15 June 2004

I have flown V-Bird four times so far for private travel as Niederrhein airport is located quite conveniently for me. For business travel, I usually fly Lufthansa and affiliates about 50 - 100 times a year and I certainly do not expect Lufthansa standard at an airline such as V-Bird. However, I have been quite puzzled by the lack of professionalism which V-Bird has displayed on those occasions - especially in light of the fact that the V-Bird concept seems to have some potential for success. The negatives: (1) On two of the four flights, aircrafts (and crews) of rather unknown airlines were scheduled to be used instead of V-Bird aircrafts and crews. On one of those occasions, the flight had to be delayed because allegedly there were technical problems with the aircraft. (2) Two of four flights were delayed considerably (up to 90 minutes; quite long for short-distance).  (3) V-Bird personnel sometimes seems to lack skills and manners. For example, at Niederrhein airport, with delays building up, V-Bird employees at the gate considerably had difficulties to keep a friendly tone towards their customers. Information on the cause of delays and further process were extremely fuzzy. (4) Lack of coordination between ground personel and cabin crew (e.g., miscommunication about seat assignments, etc.) (5) Strange announcements on the inflight pa (e.g., something like: the crew thought we would be off service by now, but we have just been informed that we have to fly you to Munich now, which we of course are very pleased to do) The positives: (1). Transparent fare structure. (2) Convenient booking procedure on website. (3) Number of scheduled flights to major destinations. The positive facts show that the V-Bird concept indeed does have some potential. However, V-Bird management needs to undertake profound steps to improve skills and manners especially of their ground personnel. At every destination, there needs to be someone who is accountable and who can give reliable information when something goes wrong. Right now, the overall impression of the airline seems to be too amateurish to be taken seriously as a contender in the European low-cost business. Hopefully, V-Bird management can overcome those shortcomings quickly, because having an attractive carrier at Niederrhein airport would be a big plus. Otherwise, it will be Lufthansa again for private travel as well.

V Bird Airlines - by Ben Haigh

25 May 2004

Used v bird for the first time this weekend. Service is noticeably better than Ryanair/Easyjet etc for a similar price. More comfy, more friendly, more forward-thinking. Particularly like the trendy Thunderbird-style uniforms.

V Bird Airlines - by David McMurrugh

24 May 2004

I've had the same frustrating experience trying to change a flight with V Bird. Their 'helpline' numbers do not exist and one is left in a cyberjungle with no way of speaking to a human being. How can one possibly recommend an airline with this telephonic mess ?

V Bird Airlines - by Jeff Bramfitt

28 April 2004

Booked a flight, but was not given Terminal details and as others have said, their UK helpline just does not work! Also, their e-mail is automated, so you can't get info that way either. Very frustrating.

V Bird Airlines - by Frans van den Boorn

2 March 2004

I have flown V Bird several times over the last few months and every single flight has been a positive experience. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic. All flights have so far left in-time and some arrived earlier than scheduled. The helpdesk performance could be better, and I hope that the company's management will focus on this particular issue.

V Bird Airlines - by Cliff Nolan

12 February 2004

I've tried several times to change a booking. All numbers supplied don't work. Email amendment will not be actioned. The numbers given aren' t even supported outside their country. Amendment has been tried by myself in Germany on a German number, Dutch number (not supported) and UK number (Not supported. A relative in UK tried the UK number unobtainable after the second digit was pressed. A friend in Holland tried the Dutch number with the same result as the other previous. A very disappointing experience, one which I shall not be repeating in a hurry.

V Bird Airlines - by Conrad Mueller

28 January 2004

The expensive reservation Number can be avoided, if you contact V BIRD with an E-Mail. Most problems can be solved doing this, even changing a booking. Well I have now travelled 8 times on V BIRD and am looking forward, that on Thursday they are starting a scheduled service to Manchester with connecting flights from Munich and Copenhagen to Niederrhein. After the 9th flight the customer then receives an E-mail with a voucher for a free 10th flight. V Bird is handled in MUC by Swissport in Terminal D. On the monitors everybody can see the check-in desks on the board.

V Bird Airlines - by Tim C Pankoke

27 December 2003

I have been flying V-Bird six times up to now and I have to say that they offer an outstanding standard of service. The aircraft are modern and very comfortable, the staff is always friendly and they try their best. Many crew members are young and do not have that much experience, but to me this is a big plus, because it gives the whole atmosphere a different touch from flying with the established airlines. Regarding friendliness V-Bird is among the best for me. Another big plus is the frequency of the flights. The majority of the destinations is serviced three times a day, which is perfect for one-day or short visits. With regard to service I heard that they will install PTVīs in their A320s in february 04 with live TV !

V Bird Airlines - by Christian Stoever

27 November 2003

MUC-NRN-SXF, 20/11/2003 My first time aboard this new European low cost carrier, that says it is "Changing the rules of flying". Well the flights were nearly on time. The airline has great potential. It is possible to pre-book free of charge seats, the inflight service is very very inexpensive, all leather-seats with food-rests and seat-pitch of more than 81cm! Outstanding! but on the down-side, very expansive hotline, unqualified staff (especially at the reservation) and chaotic service. No signs / hints of this airline at their airport MUC - bad impression for an airline that flies already 1month! BTW. most of the flights are empty- so you can spread out! I will recommend it despite the poor staff.



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