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Vanguard Airlines - by S Allen

23 October 2002

I was very disturbed to hear of Vanguard Airlines suspension of Flights. As a frequent flier, I flew Vanguard whenever possible. Vanguard should remain very proud!! They Employees were quite exceptional and have the best Flight Crews I have ever experienced - always full of smiles, very helpful, and all around fun. As I do hear of Vanguard trying to get back into the air, I wish every employee nothing but the best. I have my fingers crossed for you all. Thanks for the pleasant experiences.

Vanguard Airlines - by M Kessler 

05 August 2002

I am hoping Vanguard Airlines can come back. I have flown several times on Vanguard. Everyone was pleasant from the Ticket Agents, Flight Attendants & Pilots. The planes were exceptionally clean & comfortable. The attendants were always friendly & helpful. I for one never look for a "meal" on a 3 hour flight, so snacks & a drink is all one needs. You can eat when you get to your destination. For a small airline trying to make it, I understood the changes in routes it had made over the past 8 years & if they had to cancel flights due to weather or grounding a plane for mechanical problems, due to the number of planes they had, it could be a little trying for the traveler if a flight was cancelled, delayed, etc. compared to the larger airlines. But this happens with all airlines, it's part of traveling, always prepare for Plan B. 

Vanguard Airlines - by G Hunter

31 July 2002

While it is a shame to see Vanguard fly into bankruptcy, their fate was sealed quite sometime ago. Their name in marketing circles - everyone thought this was more like an insurance company or a brokerage house. They would enter and exit markets on a regular basis, so that no traveler even had knowledge of their route structure. They were operating as a low fare carrier to destinations that they had so much competition, it was almost impossible for them to get any higher business fare travelers. Instead of bringing low fare thru-plane service to markets with no low fare carriers, they remained in markets with lots of competition, and all non-stop service (the Southwest Theory - thru plane service is better than hub and spoke) Why not some routings such as MSP-MCI-COS-OAK. This would have opened up low fare service from MSP to MCI, to COS and to OAK, and provided direct thru plane service in each market "BUT" above all, they would need consisency, on time service & reliability.

Vanguard Airlines - by E Lam

19 June 2002

This is a pretty small airline with very simple service, but i must say the legroom in Economy is probably one of the most generous in the industry. I flew with Vanguard Airlines on 8 flights in 2001 and feel that on short trips that are less that 3 hours, Vanguard is not a bad choice since you wont get anything more on domestic flights with other carriers anyway. 



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