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USA 3000 AIRLINES customer review :  13 September 2011 by T Cardona   (USA)


Trip Rating : 0/10

Score 0 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:

Premium Economy

Horrible customer service. Flight from CLE to RSW was supposed to leave at 8.25 pm. We arrive for check-in at 5.30 pm and are informed by the ticket agent there were engine problems and we have to wait for the other plane in their fleet. He handed us a 10 dollar meal voucher and tells us to go wait. We ended up getting a room at the airport hotel and calling the automated line for updates, the flight was now leaving at 4.55 am. I have never experienced such bad service from an airline in my life. The old saying is true, you get what you pay for. They should have at least given hotel vouchers at the very minimum.

USA 3000 AIRLINES customer review :  25 July 2011 by N Henderson   (USA)


Trip Rating : 10/10

Score 10 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


In spite of the negative reviews, I decided to take a chance and booked our son non-stop Philly to Cancun, fare in comparison to other airlines was unbeatable; departure was delayed 40mins, but that is more common than not with any airlines, besides they made it up on flying time and only arrived 20mins past the expected arrival time. I called several times to inquire about changing our sons return flight home and never had a problem contacting anyone. USA3000 reps were very courteous and accommodating. My son mentioned that during the flight to Cancun one of the male flight attendants started entertaining the passengers with some comedy and even had the passengers participating in some trivia, although my son couldn't appreciate it (he's a teen). Overall, our experience was great and I would definitely book with them again.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 15 February 2010 : by D Ackert

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

O'Hare to Cancun was the most miserable flight. We were on the plane sitting for one hour and thirty minutes before take off. Very little information was given to us as for the delay. Flight attendants were not friendly and seemed somewhat disorganized. When it came time for us to fill our paperwork out to enter Cancun they were not helpful at all. Being that it was the first time out of the country to Mexico we will do our homework before traveling next year as we plan to go to the same resort. USA 3000 will not be our choice of air carrier.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 9 June 2009 : by J Rees

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

I was impressed with USA 3000. I was expecting the worst based on my other experiences with low-cost airlines (Spirit), but was surprised by the service, cost and efficiency. Flew from PIE to STL for a family emergency and had to book tickets the night before the flight. Total cost = $251, round trip, direct. Great price. Check-in was extremely fast, there were no lines at the counter and staff were very friendly. There was a bag fee, $12, but it's clearly stated on the website. Both flights departed on time and arrived early. It was the most efficient loading process I have seen in a long time. Also, the landings were both very smooth, in contrast to almost every other flight I've taken over the past few years (where I think the pilots try to see how long they can balance the plane on one wheel before fully touching down). Bags arrived safely, flight wasn't crowded and they even provided a free soda. Will definitely fly USA 3000 again if possible (unfortunately the destinations seem limited at this point, only STL and CLE from PIE). For those complaining about cancellation fees - they are all very clearly stated on the website.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 10 May 2009 : by A Blakeney

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Our group of 11 has a trip scheduled to Mexico in a couple of weeks. We called and asked what alternatives they might offer because of swine flu. The alternative was you go to Mexico or cancel the flights and pay $125 penalty each way. A week later the airline contacted us and indicated our flight had been cancelled and they were rescheduling us for different time on another airline. A few people in our group had to be back by a certain time and it did not matter to USA 3000 they could care less. We take the offer or nothing. We have flown USA 3000 several times to Mexico and would not do it again. I would not suggest using them, they have no customer service.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 1 May 2009 : by A Stout

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

USA 3000 Airline is taking advantage of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico to price gouge their customers. I had a flight to Cancun that I just wanted to change to Florida and they want to charge me a penalty of $125 per person each way which comes to a $1000 penalty just to redirect. The unfair cancellation fee is more than the ticket price which was $99 each way to Cancun. I can understand if they charged a slight fee to redirect a flight but they are being totally unfair to the American public in a time of crisis. USA 3000's short-sightedness and lack of concern should not be tolerated.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 12 February 2009 : by B Hutchinson

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

DTW-RSW Round Trip. Outbound flight was perfect. Return flight was +3 hrs delayed due to ill crew members. Nearest substitutes had to be driven to Detroit from Cleveland, but we were kept well informed of the situation and all personnel were courteous and accurate. Customer service reps are Americans and speak English. Pricing for this trip was very reasonable compared to competitive carriers. Interior of aircraft cabin and seats seemed unusually cramped, but tolerable.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 10 October 2008 : by G McGowan

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

PIE-DTW. Could not beat the price ($184 r/t). Outbound we were delayed 15-20 minutes on the tarmac b/c of thunderstorms in the area (waiting to be re-routed by ATC) but this happens all the time in Florida in the summer - not the airline's fault. They do have free entertainment on board (TV and about a dozen music channels) but food/drinks cost extra. First checked bag is free but if you have additional bags (or if your bag is over 50 lbs) they sock it to you. Also seats seem especially cramped. Otherwise service was pleasant and efficient. Too bad they no longer fly to PIE.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 15 July 2008 : by Jim Brett

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I have been flying USA 3000 since they first offered service from Cincinnati to Ft Myers. I was shocked this last week when I showed up with 2 golf bags nd was charged $50 each for the flight. It ended up and cost me $200 to and from for the two bags that were not over 60 inches tall, or over 50 pounds. The gate in the Northern KY - Cincinnati Airport is serviced by Delta, so I called to complain when we got to Ft Myers. They did call back, but left a message saying we could check two bags and a third would be $25. Unfortunately, because the bag contains golf clubs, they decided I should pay more. We enjoy the flights, and the crew has always been great, but my $600 flight became a $1000 flight, and when I called the answer was the policy is on the internet, don't read the in flight magazine, it doesn't mean anything (it still says golf bags are free). My itinerary says they reserve the right to charge more, but it isn't well advertised.

USA 3000 AIRLINES review : 30 April 2008 : by J Dushney

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Chicago to Fort Meyers return. Flight down to Fort Meyers was just fine, however the return flight was a disaster. Our flight plus all other USA3000 flights were delayed 3+ hours due to their computer problems. Their attitude was they could not care less. In addition they destroyed my golf clubs. They make you sign a release when checking in golf clubs. The clubs survived the trip to FM. However on the return, 3 clubs were broken in half and several others were bent. Apparently they feel that the release gives them license to destroy your property, without any liability. It appears that they were run over and/or dropped from a considerable distance. They, again, could care less. I'll never use them again and strongly recommend to anyone to give their business to an airline who has some sense of what customer service means.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by R Vestal

5 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Roundtrip STL to Cancun. The seats were miserable. The other complaint is that a flight attendent for USA 3000 (off-duty in company uniform) with her family received better treatment than did the paying passengers. Next time I travel I'll be sure and pack a bleacher seat in my carryon to sit on during the flight.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by John Giardiniere

1 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

My wife and I just returned from Florida. I need to comment on the policy for seat assignments. On our flight down to Florida, we were the first in line when the assignments were made. On our return flight, we were the FIRST in line, also. We were assigned rows 23 and 24. On our flight to Florida, we were assigned Rows 16 and 17. We were with my daughter and son-in-law. The ladies that were in charge told us they were saving seats all the way across for families. I find this extremely upsetting. The "families" were not there when we were. I definitely think this is grossly unfair! This was supposed to be first come - first served. I am upset about this unfair treatment.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by Lon Schlotfelt

27 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Chicago to Mexico. On the flight a lady in front of me pushed her seat back pitching my knee cap. On the flight back I asked for exit seat. I was given this seat but when we boarded a very overweight man was in seat D -I was in seat E and my wife in F. He took up his seat and half of mine. I had to sit at an angle the whole flight and was unable to use my headset do to the fact it was behind the guy in seat D because he was so large. He has the right to fly but why did I have to be inconvenienced because of his size.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by Mike Devine

9 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Flew USA 3000 return from Detroit Metro to St. Petersburg/Clearwater. Very satisfied with both flights. We arrived early at both destinations and had no problems with check-in or luggage that was the airline's fault. (Carousel at Berry Terminal in Detroit was not working.) I was going to book on Northwest but when the fare went from $120 return to about $350 before I could book I started looking for alternatives. I discovered USA 3000 for just under $120 for the same itinerary and they fly into St. Petersburg which is a nice small airport that is easy to get in and out of. I will definitely check USA 3000 for my next trip to their destinations.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Alex Capousis

19 June 2007

Baltimore-Bermuda (BWI-BDA-BWI) roundtrip. Both planes clean A320's. Flight crew friendly and laid-back but did their jobs in a timely fashion. Was surprised to be charged 5$ for a chicken sandwich, though it was good. Meals sold out on the way back however FA was apologetic and gave me several (free) oatmeal cookies and non-alcoholic drinks. Flights were only half-full each way. Seats are 3 x 3 with the width, pitch, and legroom being fine for a 1.5-2 hour flight. All flights on- time with the return landing 25 minutes early. IFE wasn't bad but was by no means excellent. Seat radio/TV did not work on flight to Bermuda. All bags in my group made both flights. Overall, for 270$ roundtrip, they are a great value and I would happily recommend them for flights out of BWI.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Mary Rios

1 May 2007

I traveled with a friend from Newark, NJ to Cancun, MX with exceptional service and on-time departures and arrivals on both flights. As very experienced travelers, this travel has been ranked in the top 5 of over 150 travel trips I have taken. USA3000, congratulations! Thank you for making travel a pleasure again, and I look forward to using you in the future. I would like to request for you to expand and increase your destinations beyond the current list. You are too good to be limited. Great Job!

USA 3000 Airlines review - by Rosemary Willkomm

15 February 2007

Me and my husband flew this airline Feb. 3 2007. This was the worst airline we have been on. They changed our flight 2 times leaving Newark going to Cancun, and then never notified us of the return flight being changed. The only reason we knew the flight had changed on return, was from other travelers complaining about US3000. The staff was rude on the trip to Cancun and not very friendly on the return. I would never fly US3000 again.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by Mike Burke

6 November 2005

My wife and I recently flew from Philly to Ft. Myers on USA 3000. The experience was terrific, from the ease of check-in at Terminal A to the on-time take-off & arrival to the nicest bunch of crew people. I mentioned to the crew "Thank you for reminding me how air travel used to be - enjoyable!" I would recommend USA 3000 to anyone and it's a great alternative to the USAir experience out of Philly.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by Alice Van Wye

13 September 2005

I paid extra to send my 9 year old daughter to Ohio from Orlando. I paid extra to pick a direct flight, just one stop over, but so that she wouldn't have to change planes. Well the plane stopped in another city and everyone had to leave the plane. Thank God another passenger (not a stewardess!) saw my daughter crying and got her on the correct plane. I wrote letters asking them how this could have happened but received no answer. What if there hadn't been a kind lady to look after her - she could've ended up totally lost and I am home thinking she is on a direct flight and no way to get lost. Never again. You get what you pay for, that's for sure.

UUSA 3000 Airlines review - by Nancy Rosso

24 August 2005

We booked our trip to Orlando on US3000 Airlines months ago. I can home yesterday to a message stating the flight was cancelled and we would receive a refund. I contacted the number I was given and was told flights that day to Orlando were cancelled because they were not selling tickets! Mind you this is Orlando, and the majority of flights from PIT to Orlando are already full on other airlines. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was told there was no supervisor available and it would not do me any good to speak to someone higher up. I said I wanted to voice my dissatisfaction and was told to write to the company they do not accept phone calls. When I said I was telling friends and coworkers to stay away from US3000 the rep actually laughed. I called back and got another person who told me the reason the flights were cancelled was because the company needed to cut back and not go "belly up" not because the flights were not sold. I was then given a customer service number. OK, let's make up our mind. I had to leave my number for someone to call me back after they investigated why the flights were cancelled. So far, no call back. Now after the airlines has had my money and other peoples money at their disposal for months I must make other flight arrangements at a much higher cost than originally budgeted. Stay away from USA 3000.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Andres Morinigo

8 August 2005

Just flew on USA3000 roundtrip Washington Dulles to Cancun non stop. I have to say that we were with a large group (9 people together) and we all agreed this airline was great! We left on time (even early on the way back) and had excellent service from the crew onboard. Our bags came right out as we arrived at the baggage claim which was very convenient. On the way out the crew members were extremely friendly and even asked all of us if we were excited to be going to Cancun - something I never saw on any of the legacy carriers I have taken there. On the way back our plane had leather seats and was quite comfortable with decent seat pitch. Each way they played a movie and handed out free headphones. We were served a meal (chicken or pasta) and a delicious cheesecake for dessert. The drink cart was always going around and we never went thirsty, especially because they always gave the full can. For a low cost carrier it is quite impressive that they are able to feed all the passengers, show a movie and keep us content while all the legacies expect you to be happy with a bag full of stale pretzels and water. All in all, I highly recommend this airline and I think the other legacy carriers have a lot to learn from airlines like this.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Chander Ahluwalia

7 July 2005

EWR-BDA-EWR Tickets booked a couple of months in advance at roughly half the price of the majors. Comfy seats- reasonable pitch- newish plane with friendly crew and kid friendly and on time. Minus point: advised the airline 24 hrs in advance of the flight for a veggie meal- wasn't provided in either direction. Not a big deal given the saving on the ticket.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Michael Kirchner

21 April 2005

Flew Philly to St. Pete on April 8th. Bought ticket night before and still only paid $133 r/t. Can't beat that. Check-in extremely quick, especially considering there were no computers!! I think that it simplified the process. A LOT of leisure passengers on board who were flying for the first time. It took 45 minutes to board. First time flyers (children) received a certificate signed by the captain. Outbound flight was breakfast (bagel, cream cheese, granola bar, orange juice and beverage) and return flight was dinner (ham & cheese or turkey & cheese sandwich, bag of chips, drink & some sort of candy bar). Not bad considering I received less on a 5 hour Philly to LAX flight on US Airways. Entire cabin is coach -- however, there were 5 flight attendants. Service was extremely quick. All flight attendants were top notch - very professional, polite, well spoken and well mannered. I got the impression they really take pride in their job and their airline. I am 6'5 and seats were the most comfortable coach seats I've ever experienced (I have 500k + miles with all the majors). The backs are very high so I can actually lean my head back and have support. Legroom is a little short, but not bad for a 2 hour flight. Free headsets were distributed for passengers to keep and use on future flights. An episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Friends", as well as some music videos were shown. I will continue to recommend USA 3000 to whomever I can. This is a great little airline. They fly to several destinations from where I live in St. Pete and I will fly them whenever possible. I hope they continue to grow. A little tip -- click on the "flexible traveller" button when booking a flight on their website and that will bring up a calendar with the fares for each day. Some are as low as $49 each way and if you're really flexible you can get a great deal.

USA 3000 Airlines review 0 - by Jeff Pollock

21 April 2005

A wonderful youthful airline. Great value even for minor inconveniences. Young flight crews, free meals and movies make this airline a pleasure to fly. Pilots are friendly and entertaining and the flight attendants are proud of their crews. What other airline would you hear a "Let's give it up for Captain Shawn!" announcement after a successful landing?

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Paul Alexander

26 March 2005

USA 3000 airlines from Philadelphia to Cancun. I thought I was on a charter but discovered USA 3000 is a scheduled airline and fly"s most of their flights as a scheduled airline. The service was great, hot breakfast and a free movie. Wanted another drink, no problem. Plane left on time and same on the return flight however bad weather in Philadelphia caused us to be holding for over an hour but the crew on board the plane could not have been more helpful.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by J C Aker

7 March 2005

USA 3000 lost my luggage on a non-stop flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Newark. A week later, after daily phone calls to their post at Newark and their corporate headquarters, they claimed we never reported the bag missing, this despite the fact we filled out their lost-luggage forms right at the airport the night of the flight! They wouldn't admit we had filled out a form until we faxed a copy of the original. Getting them on the phone was difficult, the employees are defensive and they blamed losing the luggage on the sub-contractors they have working for them (they don't handle your luggage -- Delta does -- and they don't have their own employees checking you in or out at the airport -- they sub-contract it out). They admitted their people at the airport aren't authorized to go back into the baggage area to look for lost luggage. The bag has never been found. This is a charter service and they obviously don't care how they treat their passengers or their belongings. Jetblue is fantastic for the same routes. (I wouldn't have flown this airline, our team coach put the team on it, we had no choice but to go with the team.)

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by David Spiler

5 March 2005

I can easily say that my USA 3000 experience on February 28th (which became March 1) between Fort Lauderdale and Newark was the single worst travel experience of my life. A 17-hour delay, surly and non-existent customer service and lack of any apology are just three of the reasons why this trip was such a disaster. The outbound flight was "only" delayed by 2 hours because it apparently had low priority for de- icing. On February 28, my wife, two young children and I arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport at 8:10am for our 10:05am flight. Snow was forecast for New York City in the mid-afternoon and evening. However, every problem we incurred had nothing to do with the weather because we ultimately landed at 5:30 am on March 1 at the height of the poor conditions -- on a snowy runway with gusty winds and about 1/4 to 1/2 mile visibility. There were so many problems -- where do I start? The inbound flight from Newark was delayed 4 hours because it didn't have landing priority at FLL and was diverted to Miami for refueling. After 1/3 of the passengers deplaned in fear of USA 3000's ability to get takeoff clearance (the pilot threatened a 3-hr ATC hold), the flight finally pulled out of the gate at 5pm (7 hours late), only to return 10 minutes later -- the pilot claiming a hydraulic problem (which other passengers and I subsquently observed no one came to look at once we all deplaned). At 6pm, the crew resigned saying their allotted work time was up -- and there was no replacement crew. At 6:30pm, we were told to retrieve our bags at baggage claim and wait there. There was a replacement plane identified but no captain to fly the plane. At 7pm, we were told that no one in their PA headquarters was available to make a decision on next steps and the reservation desk was closed entirely. At 7:30pm, we were finally told that the original plane was "fixed" and that the original crew would fly/service the plane -- but not until 2:45am!!! If you wanted to reschedule, you'd have to wait until the next morning to call the reservation desk and reschedule - but no flights were available for 3-4 days. Otherwise, you're on your own! When the crew wasn't at the gate at 2:30am, we approached the USA 3000 gate staff, who told us that the crew had not yet been picked up at their hotel and that they were running late. The senior supervisor went and hid in the jetway not wanting to address us the rest of the evening. It took the airline 12 hours to offer us any type of food or drink - and we had to scream for it. At 2am, JetBlue came to our aid -- JetBlue!! -- offering us blankets, snacks and drinks. The staff and plane crew were belligerent and unapologetic. "Talk to the hand" was the prevailing attitude of USA 3000's Ms. Thomas at the gate. Never ONCE was there an apology from anyone at USA 3000. The pilot walked right by me when I attempted to question what was happening and he nor any of the cabin crew EVER offered an apology once we were airborne at 3:15am. With so much time to spend in the terminal, several of us struck up conversations with TSA personnel, who informed us that USA 3000 pulls these stunts quite often. "They fly whenever they want" was one comment. Another commented to me that unfortunately I got what I paid for.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by John Wood

24 February 2005

Fort Myers/Philadephia flights need to do something about their baggage handling, period. You would not think you could have "lost" baggage on a non-stop flight but there were many unfortunate folks whose baggage "did not make it on the flight". That announcement came 15 min prior to landing in Philadelphia. I was very lucky , my checked bags with my only winter jacket inside, were on board. However, upon arriving in Philadelphia, the bags were not delivered to the baggage belt as was posted in the terminal. It was quite a while before another passenger located the correct baggage belt. On the return flight to Fort Myers, the aircraft was 1.5 hours late in leaving. The pilot had the audacity to blame it on the measly 3 inches of snow which had been cleared hour before and did not prevent the adjacent St. Petersburg flight from leaving on time. After arriving in Fort Myers, we had to wait an entire hour before the baggage was even delivered to the baggage area. Meanwhile, other flights arriving after us had their baggage delivered, picked up, and cleared before our baggage even arrived! The seats on the plane could use a little more cushion too. The flight what definitely cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for.

USA 3000 Airlines review - by Ted Bosh

30 January 2005

A number of posters seem very happy with USA 3000; I will be noted as the contrary. The planes are nice the crew is efficient but my experience was ruined by the 'combining of flights' which created over a 6 hour delay in the return flight from Tampa, cost me $75 in cab fare (no family pick up at 4:30am) and a day of lost work recovering from a frustrating and exhausting adventure. The practice of combining flights is not new to the industry but has a dramatically negative impact on the effected passengers; I would hope that USA 3000 would think carefully next time.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Yolandi Myers

21 January 2005

I bought my ticket TWO days before leaving from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale and paid only $130.00 for a non stop flight. They serve breakfast and have great in flight movies. I thought their seats were a little more uncomfortable but hey, it is a three hour flight with food and a movie! You can not beat their value!

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Diane Russell

4 January 2005

USA 3000 is a gem. Service on line, on the ground and in the air have far out done the commercial flights my family has used in the recent years. Best of all we can go on vacations because we can afford the fares. Why can't the big guys do it? I love using the smaller airports.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Robert Schur

28 November 2004

USA 3000 is a wonderful little airline. They offered a very cheap holiday fare from Milwaukee to St. Petersberg, Florida, about $216 vs $350 or more on the majors from Chicago O'Hare. The carrier flies at slightly strange times, arriving back in Milwaukee from St. Pete around midnight. However, service is excellent. Check-in staff are friendly and helpful, even though they were outsourced by the airline, which is actually an offshoot of Apple Vacations. They fly these planes in the mornings for Apple Vacations Charters and then sell seats for flights in the afternoons which are available to the general public. For an Airbus A320 there were no less than five flight attendants. The usual amount for this aircraft is three. For a late afternoon flight to Florida and night flight back to Milwaukee, a turkey sandwich with chips, cookies, and a drink of choice were provided. On the Milwaukee flights liquor is not served because they have not been able to obtain a liquor license from the State of Wisconsin. Flights were on-time, into uncongested airports which made the experience even better. I highly recommend this airline to anyone travelling to Florida or the Caribbean on a budget, especially during peak travel periods.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Matt Goldsmith

24 September 2004

USA3000 from Newark to Ft. Lauderdale. I must say, this is an excellent airlines. Because of their relatively small size, they do not travel to western destinations in the united states. I wish they did, however, because I need to find a flight to Oakland or San Francisco. Nonetheless, they had excellent service and in flight movies with a superb meal considering the close proximity of our destination.

USA 3000 Airlines review  - by Jonathan Barrett

30 August 2004

USA3000 carries passengers from the US down to many Caribbean locations (Aruba for myself) and fly very nice A320s. Both the trip from PIT-AUA and back were very comfortable with very attentive FA's and despite a 6am departure, always had smiles. The trip back was just as great if not better. Despite the crew having just come on a 4hr flight from PIT they cleaned the plane in less than an hour and we were on our way back.



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