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Ural Airlines customer review :  7 June 2012 by P Gillespie   (Australia)


Trip Rating :  3/10

Score 3 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


PEK-SVX. Check-in was fine with minimal fuss. Extremely annoyed at the near 3 hr delay for take off with no explanation offered. Plane was an older A320 but in ok condition. Once onboard, I was again disappointed to find most padding missing from seat and a lump under my leg that made the flight nearly intolerable. Luckily my wife was able to swap to a spare seat in another row and made some extra room for my son to sleep. The cabin crew were polite and quite attentive responding quickly to calls. The meal was not great but acceptable although strange that you had a choice of wine but no soft drink choices other than water or juice. I would definitely not recommend Ural Airlines to anyone unless you like airline lounges. I am writing this at SVX waiting for my return flight to PEK, the delay on this flight just passed the 3hr mark. I wonder how long this one will be.

Ural Airlines customer review : 30 April 2010 by Jonathan Fox

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Ranking

DME-SVX . Check in quick at Moscow, although I did arrive early and was surprised to find the check-in already open. Pleasantly surprised to find we were flying on a Boeing 737 rather than an old Russian aircraft. Service and aircrew nothing out of the ordinary but polite and courteous. Cold Meal provided even though the flight is only 2 hours - again a typical Eastern European meal not to everybody's liking, but filled a hole when arriving late at night.

Ural Airlines customer review : 13 September 2008 : by Phillip Watson

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Ranking

DME-SVX. Arrived two hours before for our flight for Ekaterinburg to discover they had merged it with another to Chita leaving us stuck there for an extra three hours. When I finally found the Urals desk after 30 minutes of searching I asked why they had merged the flights. Well, everyone does it, why have an empty plane to Chita when we can have full one to Ekaterinburg. Makes sense, so why have it on the timetable at all. Everyone does it she insisted. When I asked what we were supposed to do for three hours she shrugged her shoulders said 'Do what you want I don't care' When we started boarding they had put everyone onto a Il-86, and from there the service improved. The plane, which was a bit worn, but well looked after was big enough to accommodate our stroller in its cargo hold, rather than the luggage hold, and the cabin staff made an effort to be friendly and helpful. The food was superb, and had a well thought out meal. There was plenty of reading material and if it wasn't for the attitude on the ground this would be a glowing review, but the unannounced merging of flights the rudeness of the desk staff, as well as getting into Ekaterinburg 4 hours later than planned spoilt an otherwise excellent flight.



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