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What passengers dislike about the airline travel experience


What do you particularly dislike about air travel in the 21st century?

Read what airline passengers dislike about air travel of today, and add your own comments.





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Now with low cost travel, everything on board is mostly paid for. I do object to the people next to you who bring their own food - open it all up, and set off for fine dining, and of course the remainder of the family is across the aisle. They have the nerve to ask cabin crew for glasses, ice and cutlery, and ring the call bell for them to take it away. Imagine having food in your carry on for a few hours, as my last flight especially fish. Not nice to be sat next to, or I imagine eat as well. Then they all want to go to the bathroom.

*R McCammond  (Spain)  28 October 2010

Being crush-loaded on to a bus between gate and aircraft - particularly unacceptable at LHR T5 when paying a premium fare. I also endorse previous comments about seat-tilters.

*Mark Evans  (UK)  25 October 2010

The amount of money they charge in premium cabin for a little bit more legroom is outrageous. You still get served economy food and have to use the economy toilets. Is it worth the extra on top of the economy ticket ?

*Tracey Ferreira  (UK)  25 October 2010

Unruly children with parents who do not attempt to control them. People who tip back the seats without regards for people behind them.

*Richard Burland  (UK)  25 October 2010

Couples on budget fights who leave the middle seat empty between them, even studiously ignoring cabin crew announcements that the flight is virtually full so all seats are needed. We even heard one couple even tell a stewardess that the seat between them was that of a friend who had been unable to fly at the last moment! They got away with it.

*L Cadwallader  (UK)  24 October 2010

During flight boarding, travellers with backpacks that walk down the aisle and are seemingly oblivious to the fact their backpack is frequently hitting seated passengers. Selfish and rude.

*Darren Wyvale  (Monaco)  23 October 2010

Passengers who recline their seats abruptly, with no regard for those sitting behind - especially during meals.

*Steven Khu  (UK)  22 October 2010

Airlines which do not honor prior made seat reservations, and screaming kids where parents just do not care less and refuse to control their kids.

*N Werner  (Switzerland)  22 October 2010

I am really annoyed by the certain few who will not turn off their mobiles despite numerous requests from the inflight crew. Rules are there for the safety of the flight, but these people believe that they are above and beyond the required safety regulations.

*T Cho  (South Korea)  22 October 2010

Flights that wait for late connecting passengers - why should one or two persons delay a whole aircraft?

*Paul Van Alsten  (France)  21 October 2010

People that seem to be in a mad rush to be first on the plane and then proceed to spend forever putting away their cabin bags, etc, taking up the aisle while the queue of people behind them grows ever longer.

*John Kneijber  (Australia)  21 October 2010

Being 6'5 tall and being seated in the middle seat of a 2x5x2 aircraft, after requesting an exit row seat.

*Tyson Hodge  (Australia)  21 October 2010

Travellers that cannot talk in a civilised and quiet voice in close proximity - recently had to suffer a group of ** passengers (you know which country I mean!) for 3 hours in biz lounge and they seem incapable of talking to one another. It is always a loud-mouthed shouting game with many of these ** passengers.

*Paul Gardner  (New Zealand)  21 October 2010

Airlines (or many) have got their self check-in kiosks and facilities right, but the queues to then drop baggage are just as long as when we had a single check-in process. When will airlines start to spend some more and cut down these long queues? Heard that some might allow printing off bag-tags, so you can literally just leave the bags and not have to queue up all over again. Anyone know if this is being rolled out worldwide?

*K Siriporn  (Thailand)  21 October 2010

Sorry if this sounds somewhat rude, but I am truly sick of passengers that break wind during a flight! It is disgusting for fellow passengers, and for some reason seems to be on the increase.

*M Trudeau  (UAE)  20 October 2010

Transiting through Los Angeles Airport on my way to Europe - rude, rude and aggressive staff. What a welcome to America they present. The country should be ashamed by them.

*Phil Jones  (Australia)  20 October 2010


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