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Ted - by Sean Kyte

6 June 2007

Orlando to Denver and then to Las Vegas. Service basic, complimentary soft drinks and Tea and Coffee. Beers and Wines $5.00 and snack boxes could be purchased at same price. No complaints, although it is strange flying on what is really United on a 3 hour + flight and not getting any food, while in Europe most full service airlines give you at least a snack. Despite this the only complant i have is the fact that both aircraft where dirty with the left overs of previous snack boxes all over the carpet. A technical problem was very well handled by the crew.

Ted - by Jonathan Reed

4 December 2006

LAS-IAD-LAS in Economy Plus on United's Ted. Extra leg room makes a big difference if you are six feet tall. FAs circulate frequently offering water, lemonade and other drinks. Short of paying for business or first, United's very low cost Economy Plus is the way to go. Other airlines have a premium economy product but charge much more for it.

Ted - by Jerry Armbruster

24 July 2006

TPA-DEN in Economy Plus. While the flight itself was as good as any other domestic carrier, i.e. tolerable, the boarding process used by Ted is mind-numbingly stupid. I was seated in Row 1. This is for some unknown reason considered Zone 2. Zone 1 apparently is the forward mid- cabin. The problem is that on a full flight, those folks sitting in Zone 1 board first obviously, and then fill a few of the overheard compartments that are forward of them in Zone 2. Then, when the Zone 2 folks board, not only have their overheard compartments become partially full, but two compartments (one on each side of the forward cabin) on that aircraft (an Airbus 320 I believe) are used for video equipment and medical supplies. So not only are there two less available bins to start with, but they let persons in the mid-cabin board first and use the forward bins. And of course, sitting in Row 1, I have no seat in front of me to store my briefcase. So I had to store my carry-on bags in two separate overhead compartments about 10 rows back. Instead of being one of the first off the plane, I was one of the last. It also takes forever to board under that scenario, because half of the folks sitting in the forward cabin must meander to the back, find a place to store their bags, and then fight the traffic to get back up front to their seats. So the flight takes off late. And then upon arriving in Denver, the captain took great pains patting himself on the back to make a speech about how other carriers run late, etc., and that he did a great job getting us to Denver close to our expected arrival time. Perhaps if they used some logic in boarding the aircraft, the flight would've arrived early, and he could have earned a pat on the back, rather than congratulating himself for doing what was expected of the airline in the first place.

Ted - by Bob Faulkner

24 July 2006

Just returned from a round trip between Las Vegas and Cancun with Ted. The cabin was reasonably roomy (a lot more legroom than I got flying 11 hours to London on United five years ago). I like the A320, with its overhead video screens (this used to be confined only to jumbo jets). The cabin crew was pleasant and helpful, and the pilots periodically pointed out points of interest along the way and kept passengers advised as to our progress, weather lying ahead and so forth. The snack boxes were pricey for what you got, but I suppose this is what you get with a discount carrier. I had rather buy food on the ground before boarding anyway.

Ted - by Robert Clark

12 January 2006

LAS-SFO on my first TED experience. It did not feel like a low-cost budget airline at all. The atmosphere was more relaxed than parent United. The IFE and the overall atmosphere was focused on humor. The captain cracked a few jokes prior to departing, and the FAs were young and vibrant, unlike on United. There is only one more thing I would suggest on improving. If the airline is going to focus on humor for IFE, might I suggest a stand-up comedian who's jokes do not have to be censored every other word. The comic on my flight was George Carlin, and every other word was bleeped since he swears a lot. Took away the meaning of half the show. I'd suggest a comedian that does not swear so censoring is at a minimal, like Jerry Seinfeld. Oh, and update the headsets. It is hard to enjoy when you are having to hold the headphone plug in place.

Ted - by James Dingsdale

12 January 2006

Las Vegas McCarran - San Francisco - LAX. Faultless airline service from a budget carrier. Service much better than UK budget airlines with free drinks and in flight entertainment. Cabin crew very friendly and flight times very prompt. Would have no problems flying with TED again.

Ted - by C R Armstrong

30 December 2005

Many of the previous comments are accurate. I fly TED routinely between Dulles and Tampa. While not perfect, the service and amenities are a whole lot better than USAirways. Economy Plus is the only way to travel though and I have seen flight attendants chase interloping Economy passengers back to their original seats when E+ seats are vacant. The in flight entertainment is a plus especially for a multiple hour flight.

Ted - by P Kleinman

8 November 2005

Truly the most horrible North American "low cost" airline experience thus far (although in all fairness I have to admit that I haven't flown Spirit or AirTran). Cramped seating (at least 2-3 inches less than Song and JetBlue) and the service on a four-hour flight from Vegas to DC ranged from indifferent to virtually non-existent. United's "Ted" is so cheap that they won't even give you a soft drink can but rather a tiny plastic cup filled mostly with ice. The $5 snack boxes sold on board are terrible, too. It was quite a contrast to the service I've come to expect from other LCCs such as Jet Blue and Song, whose meal service is way better, particularly on flights that last so long. I could understand this sort of service for an hour long flight, but for a daytime 4+ hour trip it is undoubtedly horrible and unacceptable. Oh, and as far as cost goes, nothing innovative there: it was the same as for the other carriers -- just took TED because it matched my schedule best.

Ted - by Tom Maule

24 October 2005

Flew ORD-PHX in economy. A320 needed a good clean and service is non- existent with the only food available being snack boxes at $5. Non- alcoholic drinks are free but limited to one and only a small glass filled mainly with ice. IFE was available, but the headsets supplied were old and grubby! Flight attendants are indifferent and not seen after the service run shortly after take-off! Returned to ORD in premium economy, but the extra legroom was lost as bags had to go under the seat due to TED allowing excessive numbers of oversized carry-ons in the bins. Service was similar.

Ted - by J K Yu

8 October 2005

I fly TED at least a dozen times a year. It does help to access the Economy Plus section either through upgrade or elite status. That extra leg room really makes a difference. With standbys, they often don't leave the gate unless the plane is packed. As far as purchasing snack boxes, my favorite is Jumpstart. There's enough to munch on plus something for later. Flight entertainment isn't bad. It ranges from music videos to Jay Leno to a full length movie. But no seatback videos, thus no choices. The flight crew is usually friendly if not a bit rushed, especially on short flights. One suggestion is to change the uniform. I know they switch between mainline and TED flights during the day, but they wear the same tired blue outfits. Since UA wants to distinguish their product, the pilots could wear yellow ties and the cabin crew could wear polos.

Ted - by Anna Rowe

10 July 2005

Orlando to Washington DC on Memorial Day. Despite my suitcase being rather over the luggage limit, nothing was said, although I was willing to pay! The check-in assistant also checked me in for my on-going flight to the uk - it was the first time he'd done this and had to get some help, but it still only took a few minutes. Without asking I was allocated a seat in economy plus, which was a huge bonus. Seating was comfy, with good leg room. Flight attendants weren't the cheeriest I've ever had the pleasure of flying with, but they did have to deal with about 70% of passengers bringing far too much hand luggage onto the flight, some bringing 2 or 3 holdalls - about 1.5 long each, some with a number of suitcases similar to the large size i'd checked in!! This did delay the flight as a number of bags had to be loaded into the hold. The flight itself was uneventful, refreshments were served. Would fly again, especially if I could get a better price!

Ted - by Sid Jeffs

29 June 2005

Being a non-rev (that's airline lingo for airline employees who are hitchhiking) from a regional airline, and having flown mainline flights on several carriers, I have to say United is generally better about providing for my family's and my needs. TED on the other hand has it all! Clean aircraft, excellent selection of snacks, and above all, flight attendants with personality! It reminds me more of flying on the commuters where the flight attendants actually do care about their passengers. TED's cabin crew does too. I wish mainline United would start more point to point flying like TED, away from the hubs.

Ted - by C Ruddick

29 March 2005

A quick trip on TED from LAX to LAS 3/25/05 and return 3/27/05. The UA website check-in was easy and convenient. Terminal 8 at LAX is completely devoted to United and TED flights, but the gate areas are too small for the number of people on a full A320. Many people, (including me), had to sit on the floor to wait. The flight departure was delayed due to "flight availability". When the plane finally arrived, we boarded. The young, attractive FA's greeted us warmly as we stepped on to the plane. The cabin interior was bright and it seemed to be quite clean and orderly. The plane was completely full. The seats were standard, very little room, but the Economy plus seats looked much better. The captain informed us that an electrical component had to be installed, tested, and paperwork completed, before we could depart. We sat on the plane for about 45 minutes. Many people, including the woman next to me were worried about a making a connecting flight to Philadelphia. We finally took off, but no alcoholic beverages or soft drinks were loaded on to the plane. Service consisted of water or lemonade only. The lemonade was fine. The FA's were very apologetic and seemed to be truly sorry that they couldn't offer us anything else. The audio selection was great and the headphones were free. It was interesting to hear the cockpit communications on one of the audio channels. We arrived in LAS 90 minutes late. United held the plane for the connecting passengers at LAS. They were very relieved. On the return, the self service check in at LAS worked well. It offered me an upgrade to Economy Plus for $19.00, but I declined. The flight departed about 10 minutes late. The flight was almost full. One of the 3 FA's was a bit older and in a very bad mood and unpleasant toward the passengers. This time, a full beverage and snack service was offered. All in all, the fare was very low, but the delays were annoying.

Ted - by Cori Tan

21 January 2005

Travelled on this airline about 4 times. Every time I was lucky to get a seat at the emergency exit. On this airline, 2 rows of passengers on either side of the aircraft at the emergency exit are assigned responsibilities to assist the rest of the passengers, to exit the aircraft safely in an emergency, so pay attention to the briefing! Very friendly crew and pilot, all have a great sense of humour. Prompt service but the only setback is we've to pay for snacks and beverages.

Ted - by William Briggs

30 November 2004

With great difficulty, used Ted with my United frequent flyer miles PHX/ORD/ORD/PHX on A320. Would only use again if I could get Economy Plus seating. Seats in the back are terrible, hard and very close together. No leg room past row 12! Thanks to the nice extra heavy lady that sat next to me and coughed the whole way back to Phoenix since she forgot to get cough drops and couldn't get service to get water. Never again on TED.

Ted - by G Meijnen

18 November 2004

I flew TED on October 28 from LAS to SFO and back to LAS later that same day. Not the cheapest low cost carrier but a very pleasant airline with nice looking planes (A320s) and with enough legroom, even for me (Im 63"!). TED A320s have inflight entertainment and headsets are provided. Even on the short hop to and from SFO beverages were served with the usual pretzels, food was for purchase. When entering the plane the -younger than average- flight attendants asked kindly if we were interested in having something to eat on board and if so they handed out a menu card with a fair choice of light meals. On both flights we arrived a couple of minutes early at the destination and it was obvious during the flight that the flight- and cabin crew was doing their best to make the flight as pleasant and quick as possible which created a nice and relaxed atmosphere on board. To be honest, I had never heard of TED before but Im happy to tell you that it was an excellent experience and was certainly worth that few more dollars.

Ted - by Deepak Sud

2 November 2004

Flew from Washington Dulles to Fort Lauderdale on an A320. This was my first flight on a low cost carrier and I have to say I was a bit apprehensive, but the cost of the ticket was so cheap I figured it was only a two hour flight, so I'd give it a shot. I was very impressed with the service on Ted. I was upgraded to Economy Plus in both directions which was wonderful. Being 6'2 I needed the extra legroom, and the seat pitch in Economy Plus was very generous. I was able to stretch my legs out and was barely able to touch the seat in front of me. The flight attendants on both the flight to Fort Lauderdale and the return were wonderful. They were friendly and warm from the minute we boarded the aircraft. On both sectors we were offered drinks twice, and a coffee run once. I was only expecting one run, not three. The in-flight entertainment was excellent and the flight went by very quickly. I do have to say that when I was walking towards the restroom at the rear of the aircraft, I did notice that the seats in the regular economy cabin were cramped, and I don't think my knees would have fit. All in all it was an excellent experience, and I would definitely fly with Ted again (especially in the Economy Plus cabin).

Ted - by Robin Carter

1 November 2004

San Francisco - Las Vegas, on an A320. The cabin crew at the front looked totally disinterested on boarding - chewing gum and talking about other matters. Compared to mainline UA, the cabin was bright and cheerful. The TED product guide in the seat pocket was interesting, and showed all sorts of snacks which I regretted we could not buy on our short flight. Headphones were provided to listen to the excellent IFE - a huge range of music, far better than on UA itself. As the flight got going, the cabin crew proved to be cheery souls, cracking the odd joke in the pa's, and serving complimentary soft drinks and coffee. Legroom was more than adequate for me at 5'8". I'd have no qualms about flying TED again, provided they improve baggage delivery at Las Vegas - waiting 1 hour at midnight was a miserable experience!

Ted - by Liam Campbell

11 June 2004

I dreaded my first TED flight between Chicago and Las Vegas, having been used to flying regular United flights (and often upgrading). However, I was very pleasantly surprised. This isn't a typical budget airline but rather it's just a leisure version of United. You still get Economy Plus seats, mileage plus miles can be accrued, and (non-alcoholic) beverages are free with interesting extras like margaritas available for purchase. Also, the cabin crew are much younger than the average United flight attendant and this really seems to make a difference. I so often meet jaded older United staff who seem to hate their jobs but just stay for the benefits. Ted staff are much more personable and chilled out. As the captain dimmed the lights for take-off, the purser picked up the microphone and announced in a whisper: "you are all getting very sleepy, you don't want to order any drinks, you just want to rest and not bother us." It's a little humorous touch like that which makes flying a budget airline not so bad after all.

Ted - by Matthew Sudders

25 May 2004

Flew Ted (operated by United) Los Angeles - Las Vegas- San Francisco. Planes are spacious with decent legroom. The seats seemed new and not leather (thank goodness). Flights more or less on time. One drink and snack were offered on these short flights which include overhead entertainment (when the crew remembered it). All in all very good but not cheap for a low cost airline (I booked their 'best fares 2 months ahead). United does not have a Las Vegas lounge either. If only the attendants could be a little more friendly and less officious - shouting at passengers in the 'exit rows' etc.



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