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Tatarstan Airlines customer review : 19 August 2010 by E Branagan

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I booked a flight on Tatarstan Airlines from St. Petersburg to Kazan and tried to get a refund or change the date on my ticket as I had to cancel my trip due to the wildfires. Because many of the customer service representatives did not speak English, they hung up the phone on me. This happened occurred about six times until I finally got through to a representative who rudely forwarded me over to her manager. After speaking with manager for 10 minutes about how rudely I was treated over the phone, he told me that his representatives were not used to dealing with "Westerners," and apologized on their behalf. I never received a full refund on the ticket. After this experience I vow never again to fly Tatarstan Airlines.

Tatarstan Airlines - by M Foote

29 March 2010  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Flew Kazan back to Moscow. Flight was ontime and service was good. All passengers were served champanskoe before take-off and food was typical plane food - warm and tasteless. The plane was an old Tupolev 134 (one with the glass nose and an overhead shelf, not lockers for luggage). I agree with other reviews, the seats are narrow, but it got us to Moscow on time and with a smooth landing. No problems with check-in or security formalities. I speak Russian, so perhaps this helped.

Tatarstan Airlines - by F Keating

29 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Yak42 from Moscow to Naberezhnyye Chelny. I and my Russian colleague were booked on the 0945 service but were told the flight was delayed by bad weather in Chelny (snow). The information given every hour was just "next information in 1 hour" over and over. Eventually it was time for the evening service at 1730 hrs and we were told all the passengers on the morning flight would be booked on this later service. The flight was not full and we realised only a handful of passengers were booked on the morning flight and they cancelled it without telling us the reason, we could have spent the day in the city if we were told. Flight was ok with fair inflight service, but the plane was very old with shabby interior and very noisy. My return flight to Moscow 3 days later was same aircraft.

Tatarstan Airlines - by T De Jong

29 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Flew with Tatarstan airlines after missing my initial (late) flight from Moscow to Kazan. Initial flight would have been through Aeroflot, re-booking the flight forced me to fly Tatarstan Air. Service is OK, didn't understand a word of what the pilot was saying. Funny thing is they serve champagne in the morning (0700 local time) flight! I only used to fly Airbus/Fokker/Boeing planes; so this Yakovlev 42D was a change for me. Interior and seats are not of highest quality; and getting in and out through the back (service entrance) is also new to me. But then again, it's a 1-hour flight and it didn't bother me too much. Overall impression is fair.

Tatarstan Airlines - by Sadok Kohen

6 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Istanbul-Kazan on Economy class (IST-KZN): flight full, not too wide seats, old Tupolev in service. Russian-Tatar and English speaking crew with nice attitude, good catering and nice service, aircraft are not comfortable. Kazan-Istanbul on Economy class - terrible check-in with only Russian and Tatar speaking (rude) officers. If you have a problem and don't know Russian or Tatar, nobody helps you.

Tatarstan Airlines - by Michael Znasik

1 May 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Moscow SVO-KAZAN- Moscow SVO on Economy class - Aeroflot code share flight. SVO-KZN Flight full, not too wide seats, oldest Tupolev 134A with Russian-Tatar and English speaking crew. They had good catering service for short-haul flight. KZN-SVO : latter Yakovlev 42D, very good crew. Same catering but with fresh orange salad. Overall impression is good.




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