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Swissair - by B Hooley

15 July 2003

I flew Swissair in 2002 Rome - Zurich - Vienna. I was quite impressed with the service on the flight. The FA's were very attentive and were fairly polite on each flight. There was plenty of food, even croissants left over which the FA's handed out in addition to breakfast - which was quite good for airline food. The service was good on both flights and offered news papers before the flight in various languages. The seats were good, quite comfortable for the short flights and i do believe the seat pitch was reasonable.

Swissair - by Louise Taylor

4 April 2003

I have recently become an avid reader of this site and whilst I am fully aware that Swissair is sadly no longer in operation I feel compelled to relate my own experience of this once wonderful airline. In 2001 I travelled Bangkok, Zurich, London, Zurich, Madrid, Zurich, Los Angeles. I was very confident that I would receive good service from Swissair based on reports from colleagues. What I wasn't told was that the service was consistently excellent both on the ground and in the air. I was travelling by train from Lucerne to catch my flight to Los Angeles. Unfortunately the train was delayed reaching Zurich airport resulting in me missing my flight to LA. Hardly the fault of Swissair, however I must have reached the Swissair counter with a somewhat distressed look on my face. Immediately I was taken under the wing of the Swissair ground staff, booked on the next flight the following day and assisted in arranging overnight accommodation. Just the sort of assistance a stranded traveller can do with. I was saddened to see the end of Swissair. They were not only a credit to themselves but also the beautiful country of Switzerland.

Swissair - by M Khan

25 March 2002

On a recent trip from New York to New Delhi I had the opportunity to experience Swissair's wonderful service. I literally have nothing to complain about in their economy class product. The flight attendants were wonderful - the food was delicious, and entertainment was great on the PTV's. Their A330-200 are some of the most comfortable planes I have ever flown on - I will never set foot on a B747 ever again. Their ground staff were excellent, in Delhi they actually helped passengers get thru immigration and customs quickly, and checked in our luggage for our connecting flight on Indian Airlines, then provided us with accommodation and breakfast for the layover. I can honestly say that Swissair has the best service on this route that I have experienced, despite the fact it is a bit pricey. I hope that Swiss will maintain this high standard of quality.

Swissair - by Ilya Marine

21 March 2002

I guess that the only airline that Mr. Fenton likes is easyjet. I saw his comments about Swissair, which were quite negative, but I have my own and different opinion. Well, I hope that Mr. Fenton will be happy to hear that the last day of Swissair is nearby!

Swissair - by P Spreng

15 March 2002

I would have to agree with Mr. Lovering and Mr. Dover. I have been flying Swissair for decades and they almost always had excellent service. Sure, there have been flights, which weren't positive, but that happens on all airlines. I once flew Cathay Pacific - it wasn't a memorable flight. Yet, the airline is considered one of the best. That's probably true -I just picked the wrong day. What people forget is that the chain is long and while some people may attribute bad experiences to an airline, often its the air traffic control, the caterer or ground baggage handler who is the reason for a bad experience. And lets not forget that we are all humans and if a staff member has a bad day, it doesn't mean the airline is of bad quality. I have flown Easyjet and while they bring me from point A to point B, I also automatically lower my expectations. Therefore, I can't and won't compare a discount airline to a Premium airline. Its apples and oranges.

Swissair - by N Dover

12 March 2002

I wonder why Mr. Fenton keeps flying Swissair. He constantly seems to have bad experiences. On the other hand, while browsing this site he pretty much has had bad experiences on any airline (except for Easyjet, it seems). I would suggest to use my motto. If they don't meet your standards, don't fly them! And with regard to Swissair, dont worry, you wont have to anymore as of April 1, but I am sure that on April 2, Mr. Fenton will have a negative comment on "Swiss"

Swissair - by P Lovering

11 March 2002

I think maybe Mr Fenton is one of life's big complainers, since Swissair service has for many years been known for its top quality. Just because the airline went bust, that was nothing to do with front-line staff but poor management decisions in recent years. Mr Fenton praises easyJet in these pages - why oh why does he waste time on a full fare airlines when he should be back with the low fare, non service airlines (that is why he has nothing to complain about presumably on easyJet).

Swissair - by S Fenton

09 March 2002

M Silvi is missing the point, I have actually spoken to a number of fellow travellers who compare experiences and when the Swissair talk was centred around the awful service and overpricing, it was duly agreed not to use them anymore. The point is for every one upset customer, how many do the airlines lose - at this moment in time the losers have it. Winning new business is not an option, keeping it is.

Swissair - by M Silvi

02 March 2002

I assume Mr. Steve Fenton is "experienced in true quality flying" enough to make his comments on Swissair. However, I'd be interested to know which airline provides inflight entertainment on this 1.45hr flight to Barcelona (my fellow business class passengers usually have better things to do than watching cartoons on European flights). Also, Swissair's blue leather seats are hugely popular, much so in fact that British Airways promptly decided to follow Swissair's lead. I hope SWISS will maintain Swissair's excellent levels of service, and I'm sure it will be able to do so without Mr. Fenton's business "paid through the nose".

Swissair - by David Pilbos

11 January 2002

I flew Swissair two weeks ago from Athens to Zurich. Overall experience concerning the flight crews were quite positive, they were efficient and friendly. In my opinion they deserve a five star ranking. But the quality of the seating and general aircraft is quite awful. The aircraft was an A-319, the seat pitch, leg room and inflight entertainment were very poor. More seats does not always translate to more customers!

Swissair - by Steve Fenton

3 December 2001

The comment Swissair is the best in the world can only come from someone inexperienced in true quality flying. My final straw was a few weeks ago - I flew Zurich to Barcelona in Business class. The legroom was poor, seats were well worn. No inflight entertainment, food was awful and the cabin crew were rude,  arrogant, lazy and of the attitude "this job would be great if it was not for the customers". A Chinese lady was spoken to like a child and comments like " it might not be available in your country but we have been eating it for years" are nothing short of down right prejudice. I will never travel Swissair again and despite all the recent problems, whoever takes this airline over will need to drill some serious customer first training into staff ( both air and ground) -  realise that business class passengers pay through the nose and expect a certain level of service and comfort.

Swissair - by Li-Yung Po 

Always, when I fly to European destinations, I prefer flying Swissair. The aircraft are modern Airbus 320.Even in Economy Class there are leather seats. Most of the flight attendants speak fluent English, German, French and Italian. Every time I speak to them in a different language and they are always polite and friendly. The inflight TV's screens show you cartoons, nature films and very useful information about connecting flights in Zurich. The food is incredible, specially prepared by Natural Gourmet - others such as BA,LH,AF,AUA,NG etc are offering poor food from Sheraton Sofia on flights from Bulgaria. My flights with Swissair are always relaxing and enjoyable. Swissair is the best in the world.

Swissair - by Li-Yung Po 

I flew Swissair coach from LAX to Zurich and Hong Kong and it was just great. The Flight Attendant was extremely nice to my kids and the food was incredible. Their MD11 seams a little old to me, but better than 747. It was the first time with Swissair and I found it mutch better than AA, UA, BA, Singapore and Lufthansa. Thanks to Swissair for a pleasant trip! I can recommend Swissair as a 5 Star Airline.

Swissair - by B Geiger

I recently flew Swissair from Zurich to JFK in Economy class. I found the crew to be very attentive, and polite, but a little arrogant. The A330 was an excellent plane, which I prefer to the 747. The design of the aircraft is much better, I think - except for the lack of standing room at the back of the aircraft. The seats were comfortable, but had very little legroom which is uncomfortable for me, being 1.83 meters tall. The entertainment was excellent. They gave ice cream during the films, and there were individual TV sets in the seats with entertainment and a choice of movies. There was a telephone in each seat. The food was given in large quantities, and was good, except for the main course, which was badly overcooked, with the pasta having congealed, the chicken and vegetables being mushy. The seats also reclined far back, had lumbar support, and footrests. I think that the Swissair economy service overall is one of the best in the world for its comfort, convenience, and service.

Swissair - by M Silvi

I take around 40+ flights with Swissair a year and I admire the consistency of its service. True,  there are occasional mishaps, such as my luggage not being onboard or missed connections, and there are signs of cost-cutting in economy class (inadequate meals, inflight amenity kits are no longer provided etc). However, its crew are most helpful and are fluent in several languages. Food and service in first and business class is excellent - new armchairs are fitted in First class and apparently new seats will be fitted in business soon. Despite what travellers think, Swissair's fleet is one of the most modern in the world. Why bother with 20-year old 747s when you can replace them with more modern Airbus' ? Swissair may not be the cheapest in the market, but it certainly is one of the most reliable airlines around.

Swissair - by C Voulis-Azouz

In response to the gentleman who said that the crew was racist to non-Europeans I beg to differ. My husband is Lebanese and I am Greek (I look very European, blonde and blue-eyed), my husband looks very Lebanese. The crew was so fantastic to him, so polite and actually making small talk with him! He loved Wwissair, not only him, but his whole family flies it too as well. Maybe it is some of the Arab clients that are somewhat aggressive towards the crew that got this reaction!

Swissair - by Michael Devor

I have very much enjoyed these comments, even amused by the idiocy of some of them. Swissair used to be a fantastic airline, reflecting the beauty, wonder, and high quality of Switzerland. Unfortunately, through labor problems and changes in management, the airline has gone completely downhill and the staff arevmuch more arrogant. I have flown Swissair in Business and Coach, and while I have enjoyed my flights in Business and I used to enjoy the flights in coach, I now can't stand them in coach. Someone here said the seats in economy were comfortable? The seats in economy on all aircraft (most especially the A-330) are unbearable. I flew a Swissair MD-11 Zurich to Cairo in Business - it was ok, had the middle seat (no fun), no individual. video player, and the service was average. On the return, could only get coach - a full plane, very cramped, one of the most uncomfortable planes in my entire life. I understand legroom is bad on charters, but should not be on a scheduled airline - and certainly not on one like Swissair. Hence, I avoid them.  We flew SR (AA code share) from JFK to Zurich - again on an A-330 (I had hoped they improved the legroom) My entire family complained bitterly about the terrible legroom, extremely discourteous flight crew who chased us away from the back of the plane -hence, no place to stand up the entire flight, and the food was quite average (vs. the past where crews were always very friendly and good food). I am hoping Swissair will get its act together, but until then, I will be on other airlines. I will however share my love for Zurich Airport. ZRH should really be the world's favorite airport, though I suppose Singapore Changi makes for good competition. I think ZRH is the cleanest airport on earth and love the shopping for passengers and visitors, let alone the huge baggage carts. I don't agree with the Swiss crews being racist - that is garbage and their imagination.

Swissair - by Gareth Bronkhorst

I have had a few flights with Swissair from Johannesburg to London and vice versa, and I must honestly say "what is all the fuss about". The aircraft is old, the seats are not up to standard, and not even to mention the legroom which is non existent. I have stopped using Swissair, and only use South African Airways from now. They are way better.

Swissair - by Michael Walker

Swissair has never flown to Australia in their 75 year plus history. Other than that, I find Swissair one of the best airlines around. I'd pick Swissair over Lufthansa or Air France and even British Airways every time.

Swissair - by Patrick Spreng

It is true that some Swissair long haul flights vary with regard to comfort. Swissair is working on upgrading all of their planes. Generally speaking though, my experience has been that the flights have always been very good, very friendly and comfortable. Inflight entertainment is still lacking in some areas but that also is being changed. With regard to the staff, I find that generally Swissair staff is very helpful and friendly - among the best I have ever seen. Problem is, a passenger has one bad experience and his image of the airline is immediately tainted. Happened to me with Emirates - I always thought they had superb service and on my last flight there were two cabin attendants who didn't match up to the expectations. As for some of the claims of racism. I hope that's not true. Then again (as an European) I sometimes had the same feelings in reverse flying Asian or African airlines, directed to me. All in all, I am very happy flying Swissair but there is always room for improvement.

Swissair - by Desmond Desa

I concur with Alwaleed Althani's comment that cabin crew with Swissair tend to look down on passengers that are not Caucasian. Even though I travelled on Swissair (New York - Zurich - Mumbai) two years ago, I clearly remember this discriminatory treatment meted out to passengers. This is the only negative aspect of their service. If it were not for this, I would recommend Swissair as the seats are comfortable, there is adequate legroom, the food is fairly good - and they provide decent hand-outs such as amenity kit, Toblerone chocolate, and face towels. 

Swissair - by Alwaleed Althani

I flew on Swissair from Jeddah to Zurich, on one of their new A330's - the seats were wonderful and entertainment system was pretty good. But the cabin staff were extremely racial - being Arabic I clearly noticed this treatment by them, and how biassed they were to other Europeans. The food left much to be desired and this was in Business Class - I felt sorry for the folks in Economy!  Hey Swissair, if you only want European passengers why don't you clearly state on your tickets "we only guarantee service to Europeans" - it would be so helpful to passengers from other ethnic groups.

Swissair - by John J Feller

I used to fly Swissair quite regularly and was always totally happy with its service. Three reasons why I avoid Swissair in recent years: (1) the utter arrogance of its cabin staff, they seem to suffer from a superiority complex. (2) the Qualiflyer Club - it's points evaporate after a certain time. I prefer to accumulate them for my family and friends and use them when I want, not when the Qualiflyer computer thinks they just expired. The attitude of management is equally arrogant. What a difference with Air Canada's Aeroplan or Air France's frequent flyer admin (3) last but not least,  I don't trust Airbus aircraft. I cannot understand why 747's were replaced with much less comfortable A330's, some even without First Class.  My experience with 300,000 miles pa there is no plane in the air like a 747, as far as safety, comfort and space is concerned.

Swissair - by N du Pont

I recently flew Swissair roundtrip New York JFK to Geneva in economy class, and found the service to be excellent. The cabin crew couldn't have been nicer, and were very attentive without being obtrusive. The food was very good both ways, and entertainment program was also good. Furthermore, I have friends in Geneva who commute back and forth to the states on Swissair, and have been doing so for some years now - and they have yet to report a bad experience. (Naturally there are one or two, but that's not bad when you go back and forth 6 times a year for 8 years.) I would pay a few extra dollars to fly Swissair anytime, and I would certainly make a connection in Zurich or Geneva rather than flying direct - if the price difference wasn't huge. Bravo Swissair! Keep up the good work.

Swissair - by James Lee

I must agree with Mr Bridges' comment - Swissair is indeed over-rated. I recently flew from JFK - ZRH - AMS - TXL - JFK in business class, where the seat on the MD-11 was terribly cramped and without individual monitor. Furthermore, the amenity kit was threadbare and no menu or wine list were distributed. Flight experience was comparable to domestic U.S. carriers.

Swissair - by M Preston

As Swissair don't fly to or from Australia I wonder which airline Mr. Bridges is talking about as my experiences on Swissair do not concur in any way with his. I have flown Swissair long and short haul a few times in the last couple of years and despite the invariable delays caused by congestion at their main hub, have found service to be excellent in all respects, with cabin crew especially attentive to the needs and anxieties of passengers concerned about the effects of the delay. And there are worse airports than Zurich to be delayed at.

Swissair - by Steve Bridges

I wish to give an opinion about Swissair, after taking a flight from Perth, Australia to Zurich. The worst flight of my life by some measure. Poor leg room, and completely unhelpful staff. I was buffeted all the way, by kids sitting in the row behind - but was told by staff to deal with it myself. I spent the last 6 hours locked in toilet trying to rest without getting kicked in the back. I wouldn't treat an animal like this ! This airline is a national disgrace.



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