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Song - by Paolo Lim

1 June 2006

SFO to MCO - it was Song's last flight to land. I wanted its inflight entertainment system unfortunately Dish Network satellite TV wasn't functioning. I was however able to listen to the music collection so I didn't mind the lack of satellite TV. The flight attendants made it seem business as usual. Luckily it was an open flight so passengers including myself were able to spread out and I was able to 2 TV screens - one for the airshow and the other for listening to music. We had a piece of luggage missing but were able to get it back on the same day. Overall, it was an OK experience.

Song - by Paul Vernall

18 March 2006

New York LaGuardia to Ft Lauderale. Excellent flight ! Just what an airline should be. Great seats all fitted with DirecTV and good legroom. Service was above average with great food for purchase. The white wine was cold and good the cheese and fruit box was excellent and well worth the money. Flight attendants were happy and joked with passengers. The safety demonstrations were super with the comical voices and yet professional at the same time. This was my first time on SONG and won't be the last. Truly a good experience. Too bad Delta is not the same.

Song - by F Resh

3 February 2006

JFK-LAX, JFK-SFO, JFK-MCO several times and delighted. In contrast to regular Delta product or even JetBlue on JFK-MCO runs, everyone on board stays quiet and anesthetized with combination of DirecTV and music/games at every seat. The colorful cabin plus crew ensures passengers stay happy. Crew definitely tries harder than any other US domestic airlines. Fares are cheap.

Song - by Leonore Lipka

14 October 2005

Flew Song JFK to LAX and return at the end of September. Was pleased to find the service on this trip as good as that I had experienced on my trip to Ft. Myers in April. The seat was extremely comfortable and the food service excellent. My only complaint is that they have removed the Appletini from the menu. I guess I can live with that! Song is the only airline I've flown in the last few years that I can actually say I like.

Song - by Serge Wilson

9 October 2005

SFO to JFK return. Everything went smooth as silk, and the fee to change my return flight online was $25, not the $100 that some other greedy carriers charge. I was happy to pay $7 for a good sandwich rather than to get a terrible one for free. And meal service was faster since lots of people didn't get anything (brought their own perhaps). Good prices, good service, will definitely fly again.

Song - by Mark Manzi

20 August 2005

I have flown 15 round trips on SONG in the past to years between Boston and Orlando, Tampa, Ft Myers, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. On the plus side the 757s are fairly comfortable throughout. The eclectic and bright colour scheme is a nice change from the drab monotony of the legacy airlines. SONG nonstops between Boston-Florida allow you to avoid the pitfalls of misconnections and lost luggage. They also trim about 90 minutes off the trip. Love the seatback entertainment system, especially the trivia games. The food that is offered for sale is interesting, good quality and good value. On the minus side - the attempt at campy entertainment by Delta/SONG flight attendants is seldom pulled off with any entertainment value and can be really annoying. The flight attendants are so busy hawking their pay-to-play meal service, that it often take 90 minutes to get a simple cocktail! Beverage service should be 1st. SONG is very lenient about carry-on items which makes boarding and deplaning a major, time- consuming production and real hassle. Delta's new terminal A at Boston Logan, while architectural pleasing, is laid out in a way that creates long pilgrimages to/the gate area - no fun. While initially, SONG fares were universally a great value, prices have been steadily creeping up, especially at peak time and now can run over $600RT which is no bargain by any standard.

Song - by Patricia Akaba

16 August 2005

Flown Song 4 times now, and have always had an excellent experience. This last trip from LAX to MCO r/t was no exception. Polite staff, clean airline, great entertainment. Our flight was delayed in departure from LAX due to weather in MCO, but that is no fault of the airline. I will continue to travel Song as long as they keep their direct flight to Orlando.

Song - by Nora Dennis

4 June 2005

My husband and I flew Delta Song in March from Hartford, CT to Tampa, Florida. Both coming and returning were wonderful-the crew was fantastic!! I am not good with flying, have a terrible fear-- but they made it so much easier for me. Would not hesitate to fly Song again. In fact if I have my way I will fly no other!

Song - by James Clark

29 May 2005

Id like to echo most comments on here. This is one of the best flights I've ever had! MCO-JFK 26/5/5. The fare paid was only 36 inc taxes one way and was expecting a light to match but what I got far exceeded this. Check in was split into 2 lines-one for self-service E tickets and one for paper tickets and international connections. On board the seating is generous and at 6 feet 4 my knees wernt even touching the seat in front which was a pleasant surprise. The best selling point is the fantastic IFE with a touch screen control TV with 24 LIVE tv stations. Its quite novel to watch live golf when at 30000 feet! There's multi-choice trivia where everyone onboard can compete against others. Theres a 'jukebox' where you can select your audio playlist. You can play pay-per- view movies at a small cost by swiping your credit card through the slot or alternatively you can pay cash to the FE's who then activate. The FE's by-the=way were superb. Just 3 for about 120 people but make the flight fun by ad-libing the announcements. For example, "Please dont come looking after me if the movie you choose is too long for the flight". One of the passengers had a birthday and all her friends were in fancy dress. The FE's then joined in the spirit and wore afro wigs and lary hats! The food had to paid for as and when. The FE came round with menus as you would get in a restaurant with illustrations. All in all, a 5 star experience.

Song - by Tim Salter

16 May 2005

Great flight from MCO to BOS this week. Excellent crew, good food selection, nice leather seats and legroom. The entertainment system is superb - you would never know you were on a budget airline. The trivia quiz option, where you can compete against fellow passengers is great and makes the time go quickly. At one time there were about 40 passengers competing against each other it all hinging on the last question for 4 of us.

Song - by Johan Olsson

30 April 2005

FLL to LAS. Excellent flight. On-time, good entertainment. Enjoyed the personal MP3 player. Pleasant crew. The best food for purchase menu I have seen. Check-in efficient (5minutes). Will definitely fly Song again

Song - by Leonore Lipka

28 April 2005

JFK to Ft. Myers and return last week and was very impressed by the entire operation. I used sidewalk check-in both ways which made life very simple. The return flight was late leaving Ft. Myers because of bad weather in New York. The ground crew kept us informed as to what was happening and did their best to board us as quickly as possible when our plane finally arrived. I was asked to change my seat to allow a family to sit together and was happy to do so. Although the flight was completely full the flight attendants were pleasant and efficient. By the way, they made a terrific Appletini which, for $5, is a real bargain.

Song - by Lisa Anderson

27 February 2005

Song between LAX and Fort Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago. I was looking forward to flying Song because it seemed like it would be a nice experience, yet it was the complete opposite. Check- in at LAX was hectic, even with the self check-in kiosks. They weren't working properly and I had to have a Song employee help me, who wasn't exactly "professional" and was very straight-faced. Same poor service on the plane, where the flight attendants came around only once for beverages then disappeared in the back of the plane. The TV service was good on the outbound flight, but on the return over half of the channels were not working. Same bad service from the flight attendants who actually gave me an attitude when I went to the galley to ask for another water because no one ever responded to the my call button. I have to say that I was very much unimpressed with Song. I flew JetBlue a few days ago to New York City out of Long Beach and I had a MUCH better experience with them. I don't plan on flying Song again.

Song -  by Michael Docster

27 January 2005

TPA-BOS on 20 January and return via LGA on 24 January. TPA-BOS leg on a clean B-757 operated by Song. Boarding and check-in was quick and efficient. Flight took off on time. Food was available for purchase, and I enjoyed the cheese and fruit ($4) and my drink was $5. The lavatories were clean throughout the journey. I sat in seat 10 F and had plenty of legroom even though I am 6'2''. PTV's were excellent, 24 satellite channels, decent music selection and games. The only thing that disappointed me that there were no pillows. Besides that, the FA's were wonderful and friendly, and even gave me another free drink. On the return, my flight was cancelled due to the blizzard in BOS (as was every other flight in this area of the country), so I ended up leaving a day late and having to travel via LGA. The BOS-LGA leg was operated by Delta Shuttle on a B-737-300 and was quite impressive, my only complaint being that it left nearly an hour late for a one hour flight ( I shouldn't even complain though because everything was late this afternoon). The shuttle was reminiscent of many European or Asian carriers. There was plenty of legroom, lunch, and complimentary alcoholic beverages on this short flight. The only real downside to using the shuttle service was that they could not check my baggage through to TPA so I had to pick it up in New York and recheck it and be cleared through security again. LGA is such a mess. They landed us in a remote terminal which required a bus to take us to the main terminal. The bus never showed up so 40 or 50 pax were left outside in freezing temperatures with no option or idea of what to do. Finally a bus driver from a car hire facility felt bad for us and took us across to the terminal. TSA Security staff were rude and there were no toilets available until after security was cleared. The queue lasted for more than 90 minutes! By the time I got through, I barely had any time to get to the gate. The return flight, to my pleasure, was also operated by Song on a fairly similar B-757. What a great show they put on! Most American carriers, including Delta mainline could learn from Song. The FA's were young and energetic, and were helpful with every request I made. I do hate being nickle and dimed for the food and drinks, but then again, who can complain when paying $50-$100 less for airfare. The non-alcoholic drinks are still complimentary and most American carriers no longer provide meals anymore anyway, so you just have to option to eat if you want. When I originally found out that I paid for Delta mainline and was booked on their low-cost carrier, I was a bit upset. Now I have been pleasantly surprised.

Song - by Christopher Prusaski

19 January 2005

FLL-LGA. My first trip on Song. Online check in (included 500 bonus Skymiles) was simple and I was able to change my seat around. New interiors, leather seats (impressive seat pitch), outstanding PTV systems (the on-demand music and trivia game was terrific). Flight was on time. Attendants were very friendly and in good spirits. All around terrific experience. For a "low cost" airline, their service rivaled that of most AA and UA flights I've taken recently.

Song - by Joe Kadri

29 December 2004

Onboard food is expensive!! Thats why I bring my own food. But the planes are OK. There are very colorful seats and there is personal LCD screens in each seat. And the fare was only $79 O/W from JFK-MCO. Pretty good considering it was spring break and JetBlue was giving me $244 O/W. And what Ms. Foly said was true, they never gave a full can of soda to the passengers.

Song - by Roberto Camacho

13 December 2004

Fantastic product! I flew JFK-FLL. Satellite TV, nice legroom, wonderful choice of food (though a little pricey) and friendly, funny and professional flight attendants and pilots. Only bad thing was that the flight was delayed for 30 min. in JFK.

Song - by Barbara Walker

18 November 2004

In September I flew from LAX to TPA on this fairly new airline, and had one of the best cross-country flight experiences I'd ever experienced. Spacious leather seats with plenty of leg room (I'm a 130# woman), individual video screens in each seat back, and considerate pilots who provided a gentle flight. Food was an optional purchase, but I packed my own snacks so didn't try it.

Song - by Georgio Perelli

25 May 2004

Flew JFK to TPA and, after a slow and lumbering A310 flight from Prague, the older but nicely appointed 757 flew faster and was more comfortable. The inflight entertainment system was great with sat tv and an interactive music trivia game where someone on board managed to beat me soundly. I liked the GPS flight tracking feature the entertainment system offered. Counter personnel were friendly and the FA's had good attitudes. Menu was pretty good and it was nice to have some options for food and drink. Prices were moderate ($5 drinks and $8 food) I would fly them again.

Song - by Lisa Sciuto

13 May 2004

I flew LAX to MCO (Orlando) on almost the exact same dates and had an experience completely different than the previous review. Everyone I encountered with Song was courteous and service minded. Self check in was a breeze, the counter attendants looking to help where they could. Having personal LCD screens and selection of free TV channels or movies for a 4 hour flight, was better entertainment than other airlines I've flown for long hauls (over 10 hours international flights). I am happy to have Song as a great economical choice for cross country travel!

Song - by Melanie Stranzl

28 April 2004

I flew on Delta Song from LAX to Orlando on April 22 and returned back to LAX on April 26th. I will never fly on this airline again for a couple of reasons. The airline attendants at check in were very rude. They did not double-check my seat assignments, verifying that I wanted to sit at the window or the aisle. On my return trip they put me in the aisle when I originally requested window when I purchased the tickets. At check in they want you to use their self check in service so much that they harass you when you are standing in the line to check in and try to force you to get out of the line to self check in. After you check in and weigh your luggage you have to take your luggage to another area to get searched, but it is so unorganized with no signs, we stood in the wrong line. Then when we moved to the right place the people who checked your bags had nobody in front of us and we stood there for a couple of minutes. My husband tried to speak with them and they did not even acknowledge us, and turned their backs on us and keep talking to each other while doing no work. Also when we checked in on the return flight back out baggage was over by 15 pounds (50 pounds in allowed). The lady told us that Song does not accept any bags over 50 pounds and she told us to remove stuff inside. We did not have any extra bags or room in which we could take stuff out. It came to be true that Song does take bags over 50 pounds with a surcharge, but we only found that out after a couple of minutes of fighting back and forth stating that we had not bags inside our bag that we could remove. Finally on the plane, the person next to me asked one of the flight attendant’s for a blanket. She stated to her that she needed to pick that up when she got on the plane. The flight attendant gave her such an attitude. Since I wanted a blanket and did not dare to ask, I thought I would pick one up on the return flight when I got on the plane. As on the flight when I left I did not see the blankets to pick up, but thought I just missed them. So on the return trip I asked the flight attendant at the entrance if I could have a blanket. She said that they are all gone. Than I asked for a pillow, she said that Song dos not have pillows. But she said this with such attitude and stated her reply to me three different times speaking very slowly and with attitude. I have traveled all across the world for work and different airlines and I could not believe how I was spoken to. In the end no pillow, no blanket. Also I do not know what kind of training the flight attendants get, as I felt very comfortable with them in charge in case something would of happened on the plane. They yelled at this lady that did not speak English and had a seat assignment in the emergency section. They yelled at her to get up and move right away, as the plane started to move from the terminal. The flight attendants did not remain calm as I seen on major airlines. These flight attendants seem to get stressed out right away. It made me very nervous in how they would handle a stressful serious situation. I further was thinking if these flight attendants get the same training as major airline flight attendants. As they do not need to prepare food, there is no business or first class service either. They do not need to do as much as major airline flight attendants. Also I wonder because they way that they all behaved, very unprofessional and overall rude and disrespectful. I know that other major airlines have flight attendants that act this way, but it seemed much different almost like they did not have the education behind them to prepare them for these jobs. The seats at first did not bother me, but after 2-3 hours my back was killing me. As the seats are very hard (like you are sitting on a wooden chair). The seats do not have any lumbar support either. For legroom they were okay, but they do not recline back as much as other airline seats. The width is okay, but they could be better. They are on time in take off and landing, which is good. The Dish Satellite TV is good. The only thing is if you want to see a movie you need to pay extra for that. Finally if Delta Song is striving to compete with JetBlue, they need a lot more work. As JetBlue is about customer service while at the same time saving you money. Song’s customer service is very poor and is in no competition with JetBlue. I know some people will say that you should know what you are getting yourself into since you want a cheap flight and you want to get to and from your destination. Yes that it true, but you also need some friendly customer service, which does not cost the airline any extra money. And if JetBlue can do that why can’t other airlines that are competing with JetBlue’s business do that as well. I just felt that the money that I was saving really was not worth it, as there are other ways in which you can save money but not sacrifice your worth as a customer, as without us they would not be in business.

Song - by Cindy Foly

4 April 2004

I flew Song JFK-FLL and back. From the counter agents to the flight attendants, no one I ran across was friendly. There were a couple surly flight attendants on board too. The snacks are quite overpriced ($7 for a sandwich) - I'd rather buy something cheaper and better at the airport. The planes are old and very dirty, but very colorful inside. Legroom is okay - seats are somewhat comfortable. I wasn't offered the full can of soda - something that I find very cheap of an airline to do. The in-flight tv was pretty nice, but a bit confusing to use and too festive. This trip took place a month ago, and I flew JetBlue on the same route last week. JetBlue is definitely a much better option.

Song - by Eric Berger

23 March 2004

BOS to FLL and back on vacation with my wife. On both legs we were treated to airplanes equipped with Song's new IFE equipment: satellite TV, interactive games and other entertainment options via a touchscreen panel located on the facing seatback. Although regular network channels are not available, we enjoyed the cable options (CNN, Discovery, etc.). As for seating, although I dislike the single-aisle 3X3 arrangements, the comfortable leather seats have a generous seat pitch and the bright colors lend the cabin a "festive" atmosphere that will probably please vacationers more than business travellers. FAs were exceedingly pleasant and unusually talkative for a domestic route; I especially liked that they were not shy to politely ask passengers to "step out of the aisle" during boarding and disembarkation to keep the line moving. There was a good range of beverage options and on the outbound flight all passengers were given a full can of whichever drink they requested. I had to ask for the can on the return flight but my request was obligingly granted. My wife and I each ordered the somewhat overpriced ($4) cheese and cracker menu option but were pleasantly surprised to discover that the portion included two enormous hunks of cheese (nearly the size that you would expect to find in the supermarket cheese section!) and servings of fresh grapes and dried fruit. In summary, I would have to say that my flights on Song were among the most pleasant I have ever experienced on a domestic airline. I'm looking forward to seeing them add more routes in the coming years.

Song - by Kyle Dalton

22 January 2004

I recently flew on a Song Flight and it was excellent! The service was outstanding seats very comfortable with ample legroom. The food available for purchase was very good although a little expensive. My aircraft had the new inflight entertainment which made time fly. It also had more interesting options than Jet Blue.

Song - by Erik Tillman

16 January 2004

ATL to JFK and back. Song is somehow so typically Delta, they take an old 757, repaint it in fluorescent decor, and call it a competitor to jetBlue. The plane is obviously an older model, and does not fly especially comfortably or quietly. Even though this is a one-class airline, the plane still has the old two-class design. They sell food, at somewhat higher than 'market' prices. The promised inflight entertainment has yet to materialize, and they don't even include an inflight magazine! For all the negatives, the service was friendly and helpful (better than any I've experience on Delta itself). Hopefully, the planes will improve over time. In all, it's a reasonable option for flying, but as of now it's really closer to AirTran than jetBlue in terms of the flying experience.

Song - by Gail Stephen

10 December 2003

TPA-Bradley The Song personnel at the originating were very helpful, pleasant, efficient and courteous. The flight was non eventful - isn't that always good! The food to purchase left a lot to be desired. There were three meat entrees and the only thing for a somewhat vegetarian was some cheese and very few grapes. They could use a larger selection. Next time I will bring my own. However, I would fly Song again. They will improve, I'm sure of it.

Song - by Lisa Riznikove

2 September 2003

LAX-Tampa. Just flew on the redeye and was very happy. Each way the plane was empty so I could really stretch out and sleep. The coach seats are fairly roomy. The airline doesn't serve food but sells some decent fare at about the same price as the airport. The flight attendants were very friendly and helpful. There is no entertainment right now, but it's being added in October 2003. For a budget solution it's very good. Not great for business travelers because there is no 1st or biz class, and the amenities are few (not even phones behind the seats). They are trying to be another jetblue, and in a year or so I think they'll be there. All in all I'd travel with them again.



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