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Slovak Airlines - by Christophe Chouleur

10 December 2006

Brussels to Bratislava Class C . Boarding handled by service air in efficient way. Access to BMI lounge as Slovak code shares with OS part of Star Alliance. Boarding and departure on time on board this F100. Alone in Business section with rest of plane quite full. Nice flight attendants who delivered a full warm breakfast short after take off and came back for coffee refill. Good small airline.

Slovak Airlines - by Chris Palmer

16 January 2004

Slovak Airlines from Bratislava to Kosice. Had my reservations about the airline. Aircraft was a Yak 40 in government livery (not the airline livery). Passenger cabin was the rear half of the aircraft with the front half cargo. FA was polite and had a sense of humour. The aircraft is a small cattle car with limited space and tight seat pitch but that is to be expected on a short-haul flight.

Slovak Airlines - by Robert Fridrich

1 October 2003

I flew with Slovak Airlines on route from Kosice to Thessaloniki and back, and I was satisfied with service. FAs were polite and always smiling. Safety demonstration was professional. Food was no choice menu with main course (cheese, ham and vegetables), some breads, dessert (cake) and twix. Both flights were operated by TU154M , seats were comfortable. Maybe inflight entertainment can be better, but inflight magazine was quite OK. I would give three stars

Slovak Airlines - by Richard Melisek

10 July 2002

I had the pleasure to fly Slovak Airlines from Moscow to Bratislava and back. Both flights were operated by a TU - 154M aircraft, which does not have the real business class. The seats are normal economy, but the service is good. Right before the take off you get a welcome drink (I decided to have juice) and after a few minutes you got lunch - either fish or chicken. I took the chicken, which was served on mushrooms, but was a bit cold, so I asked it to be heated. My companion had the fish, but was not exactly pleased with it - because it had bones. Then we had a cheese salad, bread roll with butter, coffee/tea and I Pepsi (from the bottle, I was told it is not economical to get a can for every passenger!?). The cutlery was "normal" with the Slovak Airlines logo (bird) on it. After about 2 hours we descended to Bratislava into some British weather, but the aircraft landed superbly. We were about 15 minutes late, because we departed late from Moscow. The flight back was a bit worse, but I would give it 3.5 or 4 stars together. Anyone agree with this ?



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