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SIEM REAP AIRWAYS review : 13 November 2008 : by J Boas

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating

Ho Chi Minh City - Siem Reap return. Highly recommended. We had booked on Jetstar, but in typical Jetstar style, they decided to cancel the flight, and diverted us to Siem Reap Airways. Very glad they did - the planes on both flights were new & clean, FAs friendly and helpful - particularly with an 18 month old with us, and they were very safety-conscious.

SIEM REAP AIRWAYS review : 22 September 2008 : by T Kelly

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating

PNH-REP return on ATR-72. For such a short flight (~45mins), was impressed with the service and nice snack box offered. Vegetarian request was honoured. We were in Cambodia during the rainy season and flight from REP-PNH was very bumpy indeed, with no announcements from cabin crew or cockpit, didn't feel so assured. Check-in and luggage delivery handled swiftly.

SIEM REAP AIRWAYS review : 7 July 2008 : by Eric McIntosh

Customer Rating : n/a

0 Star Rating

Phnom Phnen - Siem Riep. Short hop in a Fokker. Bright, clean cabin and staff efficient .Clear inflight details from the pilots. Flight was punctual. Nice snack (unexpected). Landed Siem Riep in heavy rain and ground staff made our exit from the aircraft as safe and as dry (as one could expect in heavy rain) as possible, considering older passengers were monitored exiting down light weight (potentially slippery) steps.

Siem Reap Airways review by R van Kessel

3 August 2007

PNH-REP-PNH. Flight attendants very polite, service efficient and aircraft were clean. Very comfortable. Absolutely to recommend this airline.

Siem Reap Airways review by Andrew Pulham

9 February 2007

I agree with what has already been said about this airline. I have flown with them (and Bangkok Airlines - their parent company I believe?) on several occasions over the last few weeks and they are punctual, polite, clean, efficient and comfortable to fly with. Good enough airline food (you almost don't expect to be fed on short flights these days) and all in all a positive experience.

Siem Reap Airways review by Ted Bloom

6 September 2006

ATR-72 from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Like others, I found the plane to be very nice and a snack was served. However, in their haste to leave the gate on time, it was the only plane I've ever been on that moved with passengers still standing and putting their bags in the overhead compartments!

Siem Reap Airways review by Ned Hopkins

13 March 2006

A subsidiary of Bangkok Air, Siem Reap flies new and well maintained planes. On PNH-REP, a 45-minute flight, a decent snack was served. FAs were friendly and helpful. Check-in at PNH was fast and easy; baggage was on the carousel at REP quickly. From extensive flying experience, I'd say Siem Reap Airlines is a model of what a regional carrier ought to be.

Siem Reap Airways review by Matthew Yau

14 January 2006

Hong Kong-Siem Reap, Siem-Reap-Phnom, Penh-Hong Kong on Airbus A320. I booked Siem Reap Airways because this is the only airline that offers non-stop service from Hong Kong to Angkor, Cambodia. I did not have high anticipation for the flight but the experience was surprisingly good. A320 is spotless, with a one-class seating plan and 3 FAs - and an inflight service manager. No personal entertainment but one movie is played on overhead screens. FA's very friendly and attentive. For HK$1800 (roughly US$200) roundtrip, Siem Reap Airways provides excellent service with good value.

Siem Reap Airways review by Frank Lauterbur

3 January 2006

ATR-72 from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Pochentong Airport in Phnom Penh is probably the best small airport in Asia - clean and modern with excellent services - a pleasant surprise.

Siem Reap Airways review by Brendan Docherty

10 December 2005

Siem Reap - Bangkok. Excellent service on a short flight - efficient handling, friendly attendants and a reasonable snack. Recommended.

Siem Reap Airways review by F Ewen

25 July 2005

Phnom Penh - Siem Reap return. Both flights were early, good leg room, nice leather seats, great snack and drinks for a 40min flight. Excellent service and price! 

Siem Reap Airways International- by Neil Henderson

4 June 2005

Excellent airline (part of Bangkok airways) flew from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and the flight was very quiet so they took off half an hour early. It was a 36 seater and we were served a light lunch which was excellent - unlike other Cambodian airlines, they do have a safety demonstration and safety cards in the seats. The staff are very pleasant and the plane landed on time.



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