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AIR SENEGAL review : 18 December 2008 : by Douglas Amaral

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

If possible, avoid this company. Terrible check-in. Zero Respect! Dakar airport is another disaster. No passenger rights, intimidation. Any doubt: check yourself !

Air Sénégal review by Bruce Bodmer

6 October 2008   Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Air Senegal is becoming unreliable. 1 out of 5 flights cancelled with no reason. This is the second time I have had to sit it out in the Guinea Bisau airport without aircon. Very little information is provided by Air Senegal and has resulted in connecting flights lost.

Air Sénégal review by A Fleming

17 March 2008   Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

I have used various services in recent months between Dakar and Abidjan, Conakry and Banjul. For the short hop between Dakar and Banjul they use the Bombardier Dash 8 twin prop (single class); otherwise all my flights have been on one of their 3 737-700's. Internal configuration replicates Royal Air Maroc who are the major shareholder in ASI; this means a small front cabin of 2 - 2 in business and 3-3 in economy. The business product is OK but very expensive even by West African standards. Seats are quite good, food in my experience never more than average in quality and often just not something I can bring myself to eat, drink choice also more limited than Air Ivoire or Kenyan whilst the crew, whist efficient enough can often be quite aloof. Transiting arrangements in the Dakar hub are better than in Abidjan but do not expect to be told if your connection has been delayed as is not uncommon. I was once hurriedly dealt with by transit staff but then stuck there once for 7 hours with nobody able to provide any information. Also they did not give me a pass to enter or even tell me of the business lounge facilities; once found it was a good facility with a decent and unlimited selection of drinks and light snacks. Checking in in Dakar is also a bit chaotic with no priority for business passengers. Cost, disappointing food, attitude of some staff and reliability combine to make my ASI experience to date slightly disappointing.

Air Sénégal review by Mark Hereward

15 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Praia to Dakar, business class. Amazing check-in (all flights, domestic and international, check in at the same desk), no business-class lounge, but a nice flight in a new 737-700 with quite a spacious seat, and a full three-course meal in the 55 minute flight! Not bad at all.

Air Sénégal review by Peter Yee

2 October 2005

DKR-BJL & ZIG-DKR: Caveats- these are only short haul flights; No business class; turbo-props (I forget ATR or AVRO something like that). irst afterthought: I was impressed. Do you remember when Air Afrique was the only way to go; I do and usually I never made it. I can rail against Air Afrique, but will restrain myself. DKR is its usual disaster, but again this is Africa. Nevertheless went off on-time and landed on-time, an accomplishment for the region. The staff was pleasant, & professional, ground handlers were a trip in ZIG; which as a side note, I have to say is the most romantic airport in the world. As for the service-it was short, a drink and we were there, but we got there on-time! Aircraft was clean. It looked and smelled clean! Nothing was broken, missing, or soiled on either leg. Which usually was the case on any Air Afrique flight. The in-flight magazine, the only entertainment for these flights, was actually pretty well written and put together nicely. I say this, because I once had a photostatic, stapled, illegible, copy of something crumpled in the seat pocket in front on a DKR -BKO on Air Afrique. The network is a little smaller than Air Afrique, but growing and still services most of West Africa. Also as I remember, watching the board, Air Senegal was not prone to the traditional delays & cancellations common in the region. Comparing them to other carriers in the region, this one is on par with EU domestic standards. Thanks to RAM and the needed liquidation of Air Afrique, West Africa is finally served with a reliable, clean, efficient, carrier. Air Senegal has set the standard for Africa, definitely for West Africa, and as long as they stay committed to providing a "Western or Northern" (I hate using these terms to classify things, but everyone knows what I mean by them) standard, the future will be bright for both the airline and the passenger. When in Africa I always set the bar extremely low, but my experience on Air Senegal has forced me, and happily so, to raise it just a bit. All they need now is a non-stop to JFK and a tie up with a major alliance, and I would be set.

Air Sénégal review by Charlotte Ndaw

24 August 2005

I spent miserable time with Air Senegal International. In June 2005, a trip back from Banjul to Dakar was delayed. No information, accommodation and apologies provided. More recently, in August 2005, a trip back from Abj to Dakar, same scheme. I believe in Air Senegal International, but I would appreciate some attention during those unfortunate situation. In addition, I would also appreciate acknowledgement of receipt, when I take the time to write to the management.

Air Sénégal review by Russell Edwards

29 June 2005

Flew Banjul (Gambia) to Dakar and was very impressed with the airline overall. The aircraft was clean and modern, staff very friendly and attentive, and it was only an hours flight. Seat pitch was very good and the leather seats a suprise luxury for an airline I thought would be still in the dark ages!

Air Sénégal review by Ian Walker

26 March 2005

Air Senegal from Abidjan to Bamako and from Bamako to Ouagadougou in March 2005. I was pleased to find an airline that has European standards in Africa. Planes were clean, staff were friendly and attentive, food and drinks were good, flights were bang on time.

Air Sénégal review by Aymeric Canard

7 February 2005

Travelled from ORY to NIM via Dakar in June 2004. The overall quality of Air Senegal Int'l is excellent compared to many other African companies, at a much cheaper price than Air France. The staff is particularly helpful, efficient and smiling. The 4 flights were on time, and transfer at Dakar airport is correctly managed. Food and comfort are okay. The only negative side was that we were not offered any blanket on the return night flight, and it was getting cold in the cabin.



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